NetherPlus Add-on v2.0

An incredible Add-on that adds new entities to the underworld that brings you many more dangers and increases the difficulty for a unique experience in the underworld 

Welcome to Nether Plus


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Lista de cambios v2.0:

● Entities now appear correctly. 
● The entity indicator now appears as (tt:). 
● Fixed translation issues in all languages. 
● Blocks now have their own hardness. 
● Added a new creature called glare. 
● Blocks now appear in the creative inventory. 
● Junk files will be removed from the plugin. 
● Fixed compatibility issues with 1.20. 
● Added rotation to Glowmushroom blocks. 
● Fixed problems with the animations of some entities. 
● Fixed the texture of some entities and blocks. 
● Fixed loot drops for some creatures. 
● Added textures corresponding to the creatures' eggs.
●Fixed a bug in the textures of the crimson armor

  • -Added more bugs to fix in future versions
  • -The previous line is right xd 🤣 


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Hey folks, I'm GameWizard and I'm going to review this addon!

TEXTURES: Most of the textures and models in this addon absolutely blew me away. This addon is very nearly Mojang quality. One thing is holding it back, which I'll go into in a minute. I really enjoyed the use of so many vanilla textures being used as the basis for the mobs' designs. The golems, pigs, and chests distinctly felt like they belonged in Minecraft. The infernal golem is a great example of something being "greater than the sum of its parts". None of the individual textures on the I.G. are particularly innovative or impressive, but all together they form a gloriously weird and intimidating creature. I am also completely biased so you get extra texture points for the Terraria inspiration. Moving on to the problem I seem to have with so many addons and their textures: too high resolutions. This is a problem I have personally because I have had quite literal OCD and it feels innately wrong. I like when addons remain uniform to vanilla, and this addon (along with many others) does not. The spawn eggs specifically rub me the wrong way. It just looks off when something so highly detailed is placed next to something 16 x 16, only to then summon a mob in vanilla resolution. To be fair, the specific design of the spawn eggs may have been difficult to achieve with 16 x 16. Some of the textures are a little flat but it's not a big deal. The I.G.'s main eye is slightly off center, which bugs me to no end but is certainly forgivable.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay in this addon is very safe, which is not a bad thing. It does feel like you are fighting or interacting with mobs that are vanilla, with the exception of the walking chests. I would have liked to see some more creative and innovative design go into the creation of the enemies specifically, but I don't exactly have grounds to complain about it. It's totally fine for what it is. It is nice to see some more biodiversity in the nether though. That's one thing the Nether Update lacked in.

FINAL VERDICT: I think this addon is pretty much a necessity for any addon survival world. Generally, I feel like the Minecraft updates have been a bit lackluster lately when it comes to quantity and innovation of mobs. This addon pretty much perfectly remedies that, at least for the Nether. This addon gets 5 stars. I would 100% recommend it.
Funciona correctamente en la 1.20.60?
Hello, The creepers look invisible, what can I do to solve that?
Great addon. Though Creepers are hella strong and i feel like there are too many Soul Striders. They get really annoying as they keep killing your vanilla strider.
it seems to work
Warped ans crimson moshroom black are invisible :/
the creepers are way too strong and why are golems hostile😶
there is no installable files
go on the website
try to delete the app and download it again or clear the app data
sadly this addon isn't capable of being on android 13 and up due to the zip file
Kelvin╮(′~‵〞)╭ January 24, 2024 at 9:20 am
Pode sim mano, você só tem que transformar o arquivo .zip em um arquivo .mcaddon. Tem várias formas de fazer isso, é só pesquisar que você acha
When is the next update coming out? It looks amazing.
i was wondering if this is compatible with any addon
Man, I saw a video about a craftsman (Pirated Minecraft) update review which is literally using your mod, and no, the person who did the review wasn’t using any mod, apparently your addon is built into the game. Did you allowed the dev(s) to use your addon?
Is there a version without the blocks n stuff?