Published on January 05, 2021 (Updated on January 05, 2021)

Indevs Better Netherite

Have you ever been playing Minecraft, and you finally get netherite armor and it doesn’t really look all that nice, it doesn’t match the crafting recipe, its doesn’t have much uniqueness, etc. Well this pack is for you!

This texture pack changes the netherite armor and tools to looks better. It adds gold streaks to some of the tools and ingots, and diamond streaks on the diamond armor.This is what the tools and armor look like. As you can see, armor and tools have gold and diamond streaks. Why gold? To make an ingot you need to combine gold and netherite scraps. Why diamond? You have to mix diamond tools/armor with a netherite ingot in a smithing table.This is what the netherite armor looks like on a player, along with a netherite sword in the nether.This is how enchanted netherite armor looks like on a play with an enchanted netherite sword.

This texture pack will likely not be updated, unless i decide I don’t like some of the textures.


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Do it with 32x please
can you affect the netherite block
This much Better than Biroj Netherite
Ferfect texture pack for my smp

Nice work btw