Published on April 25, 2019 (Updated on March 25, 2020)

Minecraft Insane United Worlds (1.16 Supported)

You dream as if adventure is fun especially with fantastic supplies? .. These addons will make your adventure more colorful with food features and lots of ores and blocks for decorations and various monsters will challenge you, and sorry if you don't like and are interested in these addon.

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INSANE Update v1.0.1 !

Not Much but Useful

============ [ Additions ] =============

  • Added Item - Dried Bamboo (Only Fixed)
  • Added More Photos on Description

============= [ Changes ] ==============

  • Updated Addons Descriptions
  • Ender Blaze at the moment they are now will drop Endermen's Items
  • Fixed Furnace Recipe for Dried Bamboo
  • Fixed Crash when Spawning Ender Blaze
  • Fixed Crafting Recipe for Dried Bamboo Planks


Supported Minecraft versions

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OfficialReza112, someone just stole this addon and posted on the Google Play Store. This is a serious problem that the Minecraft community cannot tolerate, and it needs to be stopped immediately! Just search up "Map Insane United Worlds Mod" on the Google Play Store, and you will see it. Just don't install it or else you will be bombarded by advertisements!
The textures don’t work and the mobs are invisible, I turned on experimental gameplay pls help
Reinstall the textures
The small pieces of salmon and chopped up salmon lost their texture! Please fix this! I'm using this add-on on my world! ( I'm not a youtuber)
What version of my Add-ons you are used?, recently in new version the "Piece of Fish Meat" has been removed by me, and will be added later
- Updated to Latest BETA version, More Description Photos, More Bug Fixed. Have Fun :)
Umm I was really excited of trying this out but when I try to import it to Minecraft it says “Not a valid zip archive” what does that mean?
Try download alternative version. Sorry for sorry for the inconvenience
I did but that one also didn’t work
Never mined I got it to work now. I am excited still to try it out!
Add a link for 1.14 with all blocks in inventory becouse i dont know commands
Custom Blocks for Minecraft Version 1.14 is still in inventory and you only needed download the manual for crafting recipes. Thank you :)
Mod showcase is terrible... Literally no content displayed or mentioned.
Due to that, I am not interested to download it from the information we got.
Sorry, but 1 star is all i can give here.
The purpose of rating addons is not to rate the quality of the mod showcase video, it's to rate the quality of the actual addon. Don't be that guy.
Thanks for uploading this on my Birthday.
Add boy humanoid NPCs and fix the bug where ender blazes crash the game
Still crash?, i've been test it again and not crash. Maybe i will fix, sorry
Hi! The mod looks great, but there's a one problem. When I'm on creative mode and go to the inventory, I can only find new buliding blocks and new eggs, but no weapons, food or anything. I have to use /give command to get the items, and I don't know how to make them appear in the inventory. What do I do?
Sorry for this moment, Minecraft Bedrock cannot have ability to added Custom Items into Creative Inventory :)
how to create kindling with ores ???
when you break a block, do you get something edible (since it's sweet)?
Information : This Account is Change The Name, because the old account is already removed by Me and Thank You
Finally Update !!, Please report if you found any bugs & error, Enjoy Everyone ?
It crashes for me when i spawn the ender blaze and the other mobs are invisible and the blocks have errors, pls fix this i am beta 1.14 and i have A50
Please Install The Resource Pack Manually
ok then i will fix it later