Published on December 03, 2016 (Updated on September 30, 2021)

Invincibility Addon

This addon will make you invincible to any kind of damage in survival mode. It's really useful if you want to enjoy the full Minecraft experience except for the ones which might kill you. Such as a suicidal creeper coming up from behind or accidentally falling of a mountain ledge and die. If you often find yourself in either of the mentioned situations or ones that are similar then this is an addon for you! 

How does it work?

The player is immune to any kind of damage. Here are some examples:

Burning: Walk through fire or go for a swim in some lava. Both seem impossible but no more! Now you can do both and never worry about losing health or dying.



Drowning: Swim underwater for as long you find it enjoyable. It's great if you want to explore an underwater ocean monument more thoroughly without gasping for breath.


Mob attacks: No mob will no longer be able to hurt you. They will still try but their attempts lead nowhere.


Fall damage: Jump down huge mountains!


Explosions: Creepers are no longer a threat. Sure, they can still destroy your builds but they will never again be able to hurt you physically.


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  • Updated to be compatible with Minecraft Bedrock v1.17.30.
  • Added a brand new skin pack: IDDQD Steve and IDDQD Alex.
  • Now hiding all unnecessary UI elements (health, armour, hunger/saturation, bubbles/air).


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Pinned comment
great addon now i can play pure survival world without commands and dying.
Can you please also apply this mod to villagers? Because I don't want the villagers to die in a raid. Please apply this also to the iron golem and wandering trader? Thank you.
The addon is very good. I enjoyed it. But, can I alter the mod in any way or not? Also can I use this mod in a map I am going to make?
hey can I use this in my herobrine simulator map
I will credit you too
yay no more death
Yup! Now you can explore all of the fun crafting that survival has to offer without worrying about the mobs 😊
Here is all you need to know:

1. This addon DOES NOT work on servers (lifeboat, hive ect.) as minecraft only supports resource packs in global resources, not behaviour packs.
2. To stop yourself from taking damage on a world, type:
/effect @s resistance 9999999 255 true
to make yourself invincible without this pack. (This command only affects you, if you want to affect all players, replace the @s with @a
3. This addon affects all players, so I would strongly suggest using the command above on your world as you can specify which player to make invincible.
4. Here are a few super simple command that I use often that you might like:
/effect @s invisibility 9999999 255 true
Stop players attacking each other:
/gamerule pvp false
Stop your commands showing in chat:
/gamerule sendcommandfeedback false
Give yourself a command block:
/give @s command_block
Stop command blocks putting messages in chat:
/gamerule commandblockoutput false
Summon lighting on a player: (Replace exampleplayer with the player to summon lightning on, but keep the quotation marks)
/execute “exampleplayer” ~ ~ ~ summon lightning

That’s all I have to say. Hope it helps!
Ooft, not just one, but *two* 2/5 ratings for your single review? Brutal…

For sure, this is going to affect all players, it’s a behaviour pack, that’s the point. We all know there’s more than one solution to every problem. For some, it’s using commands. But for others, it’s using addons.

I hope you’ll consider re-reviewing my addon based on whether it works well given it’s intended purpose, not for all the reasons you think your solution is not only superior, but the only solution.

Peace 🙏
great addon now i can play pure survival world without commands and dying.
it isn't I can replicate an addon like this in 20 minuites
Thanks for the kind words! For me, it’s so I can play with my young daughter in survival without her needing to worry about the mobs ☺️
i forget where the yellow eyes signifying god mode cheat is from. doom or quake?
/effect @p resistance 999999 255 true

The "true" part means no particles.
i only have two problems with this addon. firstly, if i try to add this and the realistic torch addon at the same time, only one of them can work. secondly, i would like you to allow only hunger damage while still negating everything else that it already is, because even invincible people get hungry. other than that, all aces. :)
on second thoughts, maybe you can add to this addon eternal night vision? except no effect particles, plz. that way, it hopefully should be an easier fix.
What about hunger, do you still get hungry?
yes, but no damage from it, but that one needs to be enabled imo.
You are so awesome
I wish this is a cheat for servers but nice it's cool
why tho doesn't that lead to a ban?
Well now* you don't need it anymore... .-.
/effect @p resistance 99999 255 true
I like it but still when I fight my family they have it to please fix it so it's only you
thats impossible unless its a online sever
Can't get to it cause the mcpe settings do not have behavior pack addon choice