Published on June 09, 2019 (Updated on May 20, 2020)

Item Magnet+ (Add-On) [1.14+]

Pull the things further than what you can currently reach with the Item Magnet, and conveniently mine with the Magnetic Hat! Combine both for use with greater power that can be used on most situations.

created by: r4isen1920 / Attachables help from Guilherме (@GuilhermeMC0) 

pack version: v3.0

Item Information & Recipes

Item Magnet 

The Item Magnet controls the magnetic field around it on a certain range, affecting only items. When held by hand, it draws its ability to affect and help its holder.

Shiny Magnetic Hat

An item designed for mining. With the Gold Ingot's metallic properties, it can draw the Item Magnet's effects without the needs of holding directly. Convenient and easy to use.

Magnet Modes

Normal Mode

The normal mode simply pulls the items towards you, as long as you keep holding it in your hand. It can only pull 1 item at a time, at a speed of up to 0.2 blocks per second, with a max radius of up to 14 blocks.

Sneak while holding the Item Magnet to change between the Normal Mode & Item Repulsor Mode.

Item Repulsor Mode

The Item Repulsor mode repulses, or pushes items away from you. It can only repulse 1 item at a time, at a speed of up to 0.3 blocks per second, with a max radius of up to 14 blocks.

Sneak while holding the Item Magnet to change between the Normal Mode & Item Repulsor Mode.

Magnetic Hat

The Magnetic Hat can pull items similar to that of the Normal Mode, however while being more expensive with 5 Gold Ingots, you no longer need to hold the Item Magnet with your hand. You can hold or use any other items and it will still be active. It can only pull an item at a time, up to 0.2 blocks per second, max radius of up to 14 blocks.

You can't use the Item Repulsor Mode in the Magnetic Hat.

Enhanced Mode

Double the power! Hold the Item Magnet and equip the Magnetic Hat to enable Enhanced Mode. You can pull up to 4 different items at a time (+3 more items than before), at a speed of up to 0.4 blocks per second (double the amount than before), and a max radius of up to 26 blocks.

The Enhanced mode can only pull items, and not repulse them. You can't change modes by sneaking as well.

Additional Information

  • Works well in the full release version 1.14, or possibly future versions as well. This will not work in versions 1.14 or lower– please upate your Minecraft to the latest version!
  • Should include bugs, please let me know.

Select version for changelog:

  • Enhanced, and tweaked and better particles that will not overall obstruct the gameplay.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

i am using this is Minecraft education edition which is in 1.14.70 and when I spawned in game is said helmet activated but I didn't have a helmet and in creative the magnet isn't there! I tried to craft it but that didnt work either! please fix this or tell me how 2
The download link wont work
nevermind i got it to work
Guest-1306321261 May 20, 2020 at 9:52 pm
Got an alternate recipe? Nether stars are a pain to get unless we add another mod for them and if you die you've basically lost a nether star and are ultimately the dumbest MC player ever.
First off, I want to tell why I added Nether Star for the Item Magnet:
- It is practically useful. It can even pull items even through walls, hence I have not yet implemented any change for this.
- It is basically overpowered. The Item Magnet can be used for an instance where an accident occurs in-game. Specifically, when someone drops an item to the void, just switch into it then you can pick it back up.

Now, if you insist, you can just use a /give command for it.

This reply comment applies to the comment below this as well.
Guest-3916841052 May 20, 2020 at 8:43 pm
that's so expensive............
Guest-8534707957 May 13, 2020 at 4:06 am
Does nt work in 1.16.60
Guest-7062184835 May 13, 2020 at 4:07 am
It should work. But I haven't tested yet.
Can you remove the ads and put a direct link?
Good but lag.
De que sirvr ahora hacerlo, si para ello necesitamos una estrella de esas, para ese entonces ya tengo todos los recuerdos y eso de utilizar iman es lo de menos
Interesting but there will be a link without ads?
I am a guy who wants cool add-ons. January 17, 2020 at 8:45 pm
If I hold the item magnet, it lags me out. :(
It should now work. Please update the add-on from any of the given links above, and re-install and import the updated add-on.

Thank you!
Can you please make it so it work for the newest versions of minecraft i tried it and it wont work for me in the beta it dont do anything
I have updated the add-on to support the newer versions. Please re-download and import the pack once again. Thank you!
The addon is great and super useful but do you think it's possible to make it into a super tool that can chop wood/mine stone [ores] or be hold on left hand?
Yes. I have implemented the new [Shiny Magnetic Hat] for this, since I wasn't able to make the Item Magnet be placed off-hand.
Guest-6936783969 May 22, 2020 at 9:13 am
What shader are you using i love it can you reply the link?
Could u send me the old link bc this one won’t open up in Minecraft
The link is broken right now. It sounds awesome, but I can't download it