Published on CurseForge January 04, 2024 (Updated on June 04, 2024)


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Changelog v4.2

  • Moved to stable version from 1.10.0-beta to 1.10.0
    • Please note that some Advancements cannot be unlocked at the moment due to this change and will be rectified in the next major update. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Optimized scripts with ESBuild.


  • Download v4.2 .MCADDON.mcpack (1.88 MB)
  • Download v4.1 .MCADDON.mcpack (1.93 MB)
  • Download v4.0 .MCADDON.mcpack (1.32 MB)

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Will update in a few months, as new technical features will make detection more easier. Also, adding more improved user interface, allowing you to view your current advancements AND achievements.
Can you fix the gui bug , even without coordinates it still makes my gui disappear
Even when rejoining
now working in 1.21
This mod is amazing
The only problem is the delay in updating the mod
its no work for 1.21
its work for 1.21
there is no way to install it, as there is no longer any way to go to the "data" folder on the cell phone
You can edit the mod name and make it .mcaddon and double click on it to be able to put the mod in the game if this is your problem.
You may need software to do this
Bro, i like this addon so much, but there's a problem. When i do certain actions in the game (like sleeping) my entire hud goes out. I used experiments (beta api, holiday creator features, etc) and this happens with me. Im on android.

I need to deactivate show coords, right?
Your Mod Is Very Good, But There Are Many Bugs And Many Technical Shortcomings. You Can Refer To The Advancement Mod In Minecraft: China Edition, It May Help You Solve Some Technical Shortcomings And Bugs. I wish your Mod can do better.
This is a good addon, but there is a huge gamebreaking bug with the HUD if you enable showcoordinates with this addon. If you get an advancement while showcoordinates is enabled, the whole HUD breaks and flashes.

Please fix this bug. Thank you.
pliz fix bug the entire interface disappears when sleeping
Can custom advancements?
I need this feature!
not working
not working 1.20.81
hey I just wanted to let you know that no one can download this and import it into Minecraft because you have to import it as a mcpack, not a MCPACK. Also if it was a regular folder renamed with .mcpack that won't work...
Hey I just want to say that mcaddon can be imported to mcpe or mcbe by (in mobile) use a file explorer (like ex file explorer)
Explanation: mcaddon is with 2 or more packs. When you try to export 2 addons as a mcpack, it will say "not a valid zip file" it is just because of that, that he's uses a mcaddon, not a mcpack. Also, you can make your own addonpack using a "mcaddon"
I personally checked the mod does not work on 1.20.60, 1.20.70-72, 1.20.80-82