Published on November 07, 2021 (Updated on January 10, 2022)

Joey Gaming Studios NPCs Addon (Rise Of The Knights Update)

This addon allows you to add NPCs or (non-player characters) into Minecraft. When making Minecraft skits many people have their friends act for them but with this addon, you can make Minecraft videos more Effectively.


This addon adds 22 Spawn Eggs or 109 NPCs into Minecraft and many more are going to be added in later updates.

This update's short film

Every Mouth there will be a new short film where we will show the capabilities of this addon:

How do these NPCs work?

Right now there is only 1 type of NPC however many more variants will be added later in updates. The one we will talk about is called the Background NPC

This NPC will have 1 heart of health and won't walk around, it will look at entities though. The purpose of this NPC is to be a Background Character and to be removed easily.

Here are the current NPCs 

Joey gaming (NOTE: the watermark will not be in the addon)

High School Students

SCP Humans


Why should I download this NPC addon when there are many more on MCPEDL?

Our goal is to become the most advanced NPC addon by 2023, to do this there will be monthly updates where more NPCs and new features will be added.

There will be 2 types of updates. Feature Updates and Skin Updates, Feature Updates will add new features into the addon, Skin updates just add more NPCs.

Add your skin to the addon

If you would like your skin added to the addon then join the Joey gaming Studios Discord server and look for the channel called #npc-addon-info. Make sure to include some info about your skin.

Future updates

Armor and Equipment: I plan for NPC's to were Armor and use equipment in later updates

Idle Anmiamtions like what players have been also planned to come soon

NPC Variants

Stationary NPCs: Just like Background NPCs except they have 10 Health just like Regular players

Roaming NPCs: These NPCs will have 10 health, open and close doors/gates, run away when attacked, and seek shelter when night.

Friendly NPCs: These NPCs attack hostel mobs and Enemy NPCs.

Enemy NPCs: These NPCs attack the player and Friendly NPCs.

Beta Testing

This month I will begin Flights/Beta for the first Feature Update of 2022, There will be 3 flights for each Feature update that comes out for the add-on. What are flights? Flights are basically a beta to test out new features of the add-on and to make sure it's working properly.


flight 1: is the initial build of the new update and many bugs are expected to show up. 1st flight is only given to people that are very trusted.

flight 2: we'll have many bug fixes and changes and is sent out to more people, once again problems and bugs are expected.

flight 3: This flight will be available to everyone within the Joey gaming Studios Discord server and is the last beta before the add-on gets more bug fixes/changes before release.

If you would like to join the beta program then can in the Joey gaming Studios

Reuploading Addons

It has come to my attention that some people are re-uploading my content to other websites, this is ok in fact I support it because it helps speed the word of my content, however, I'm going to set up some rules and guidelines so everyone is safe.

  1. You must leave a link back to my MCPEDl page.
  2. You can't modify my addon in any way or form.
  3. If you want people to download from your article then you must use the link I provide here to my MediaFire.
  4. You can not monetize my link, No Adfly, or any other forms of monetization where people watch ads or discover articles.
  5. Credit me

Select version for changelog:


-added 1 new spawn egg (Knight)

-added 5 new NPCs (Knights)

-removed the ability for Background NPCs to look at entities and players, This feature will be re-added with the Stationary NPCs

-added skin credits

Supported Minecraft versions

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