JOJO's Bizarre Adventure Addon (JOJOLION Update!)

In this addon you will be able to use 17 stands! You can also fight boss with this addon! If you are a fan of JJBA, then you should come in and take a look!

Stone Ghost Mask

This special mask can let you transform into a vampire! Although it can't be crafted, you can still get it in survival worlds!
First, find a ruin, like this one below.

Then you will find a chest. But be careful! There are some traps.

Here is the mask!

After wearing it, you will become a vampire and you will get incredible power and speed.

But you will BURN UNDER THE SUN.




You can also get the stands in survive mode! By using the STAND ARROW.

There will be a chest underground, and it's really hard to be found (Especially after the cave update) . Inside it are the arrows!

You can also craft the arrow through the recipe below.

With the arrow, you can get the stand. Right click with the arrow on PC and long press the screen with the arrow on phones. You will probably die when using the arrow. That's risky, so think twice before using this item.



How to control the stands?

Click the ground to let the stand attack.

You can also hold the sneak button to attack.

Sneak and click the ground to change mode of your stand.

Only Crazy Diamond has cure mode. In cure mode, you can click the ground to cure the mobs around you. BUT YOU CAN'T CURE YOURSELF.



Made in heaven can let the time become faster. And your action will also be faster! And it won't stop until it resets the universe! You can stop it by stopping the time.

It takes it about 20 seconds to reset the world. And at the last few seconds everything will float.

And the universe will be reset. All creatures will die and every player's stands will disappear.



Golden Experience can let your target become weaker by attacking them.

And it can create living things by dropping things.

Fun fact: If you use the arrow again with Golden Experience, it will turn into GOLDEN EXPERIENCE REQUIEM!

With this powerful stand, nothing is able to get close to you.



King Crimson is the boss of part5: Diavolo's stand.

It can delete the time by jumping, but you must turn it into TIME DELETING MODE first.

After jumping, everything will freeze for a few seconds, and you will get a lot of buffs. But during these seconds you can't attack them.

After the time go back normal you can kill your target easily with no sound. You can also sneak to teleport back to the last mob you hit.



Sticky Finger is probably the hardest stand to control.

You can teleport a few blcoks by jumping, this will make your enemies hard to catch you.

You can also shift to teleport to a special place. In that place you can get some buffs. You will also get a item in your first slot, long press/ right click with it to get back.



Sex Pistols is a gun with infinity ammo, but you will have to reload every 6 pistols.

Right click/ long press to shoot.

It will reload automatically.

Sneak to aim.

To craft it:



The World can stop the time for 5 seconds by jumping. 
You must turn your stand into time stopping mode first, otherwise this ability won't work.

(The world stopped the time.)



It's the same type of vehicle as Star Platinum. But Star Platinum is stronger then The World. it can also stop the time by jumping. But remember to turn it into time stopping mode first.



The hand is able to erase space and objects. Honestly, it has the most powerful ability among the stands I made. You can just erase a mob by clicking the screen.



Heaven's Door is a very powerful stand.

You can hit your target and jump to give them debuffs. 

You can also use this stand to disable your enemy's stand for a few seconds. Just like what I did in the picture below, Star Platinum's user was sneaking but the stand didn't work at all.



D4C is able to destroy his enemy by dragging him to different parallel universes. This ability is very fatal. So watch out when you see a player with D4C.

You can destroy your enemy by simply clicking it.

D4C also has an ability called 'Love Train'. With this ability, there will be light walls around you to protect you, and nothing (Except the steel ball and Act4's nail) can hurt you.

To activate this ability, you need to use the saint's corpse with D4C. Long press on the screen/ Right click to use this item.

Ball breaker is one of the 2 stands which are able to use the golden spin. This stand is also the most special one. To get this stand, you don't need to use the stand arrow, instead, you must craft the steel ball, which enables you to use the perfect infinity rotation.

After crafting this item, you can throw it by Right click/ long press with the screen, then ball breaker will appear. It does much damage and it can break D4C Love Train's light wall!



Tusk Act4, a stand which enables you to shot your nails. This ability sounds normal, but this ability is actually incredible!

You can only use its special ability when riding something: golden spin. Remember, to use this ability, your stand must be in attack mode and your first slot must be empty! Otherwise the ability won't work.

When you are on a horse or something else with Tusk, golden particles will appear!

And then you will find that there is a new weapon (Your nails) in the first slot. Long press on the screen/ right click to use it. it can cause explode attack and break D4C Love Train's light wall!



JOJO part6: stone ocean is coming this December, so I made my favourite stand in part6: Weather Report. This stand enables you to control the weather and I made 2 special ability for it.

First, it is able to use lightning to attack its enemy, but the lightning's target is random, so it may hurt your pet too. Chaotic and powerful.

Second, you can release pure air with this stand. All mobs in 25 blocks around you will be affected. You will be poisoned too. So be careful when using this ability.



Soft and Wet can shot bubbles to give its target random debuffs.



Wonder of You is the stand of part8's boss: Tooru.

It can hit its target to give them 'calamity', Mobs with calamity will get some annoying debuffs.

To get rid of the calamity, there are two ways: Kill the stand user or eat 'locacaca', a kind of special fruit. You will get some buffs after eating it.

Wonder of You can EXPLODE the mobs with calamity by jumping.



Now it is my favourite stand's turn, KILLER QUEEN. It has 2 special ways to attack.

First, click the ground and you will make a explosion!

Second, Sneak and click the ground for 3 times, you will summon the SHEER HEART ATTACK!

It will chase its target forever and make explosion attacks until it died, then it will find a new target. It's impossible to be destroyed in normal ways.

And if you are out of health, you can jump and BITE THE DUST will be activated. But think twice before use this, you will be teleported to a random place!


Craftable items

You want to remove your stand and summon another one? No problem, just craft this tool, Right click/ long press the screen to use it.

If you use time stopping for many times, a bug may appear. You can use this tool to fix. Right click/ long press the screen to use it.

And you will also be able to use the ROAD ROLLER!

Right click/ long press the screen to use it. A road roller will fall down and make explosions.

William.A.Zeppeli can spawn naturally in your world.You can trade with him to get overdrive.

With overdrive, you will be much more powerful!

 Click to attack, and you can right click/ long press the screen to use Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!




Yes! There is a new boss: Dio Brando! 

Dio brando is a evil guy with a powerful stand called 'The World'. It is able to stop the time! To fight him, you must reach his mansion. his mansion can spawn naturally but really hard to be found...

You can also just craft an item to summon Dio and his mansion! Right click on PC and long press on the screen on mobile devices to use!

Dio is really hard to kill. He will use his powerful stand to attack you without mercy. He will show you who is the owner of the house.

He is able to stop the time for 5 to 9 seconds, use his stand to punch you, summon vindicators to attack you, make explosions... and the worst, flatten you with a road roller.

During these seconds, you'd better think of how to survive his attack since you can do NOTHING.

If you are brave and skilled enough to kill Dio, then you will get a lot of valuable things and his skull! 

There is an easter egg in Dio's mansion, discover it by yourself!


Well... we added another boss: Kira. But he's still unfinished, you can only spawn him by using the spawn egg, which means it is impossible for you to meet him in survival mode.

He will attack all living things around, with his fatal stand: killer queen, which is able to explode all the things it touched.

He has 2 stages, in his 2nd stage, he will shoot air bubbles and the 2nd bomb.



MADE BY 2HUO&道天&Fish, don't use any part of this addon's code. TURN ON ALL THE EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAYS BEFORE USING THE ADDON!

Select version for changelog:


We added 5 brand new stands and 1 unfinished boss! Hope you like it. If so, please give me 5 stars! Thx a lot C:

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, your addon is unplayable, says it's giving an error, please fix it? I will give 5 stars as support.
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ณัฐภูมิ น้าประเสริฐ October 17, 2021 at 6:31 am
I can't install the resource pack because the entity file has a problem, could you improve this add on?
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add silver chariot please
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Tengo una sugerencia y es Stand de largo alcancé como Hierophant Green y Lil'Bomber, también qué haya Stand evolutivos cómo Echos y Tusk tengan actos que iran subiendo si haces algo específico, y G.E.R tenga una habilidad secundaria que sea cómo un totem de inmortalidad pero qué no sirva todo el tiempo para no estar presumiendo, nada de lo escrito lo exigo solo doy mis sugerencias, que tengan un buen día! :D
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My friends and I love this mod, thank you for taking your time to make this. We were wondering what other stands or things will you add in the future?
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it wont let me download the standcraft.
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Please add more tuks act 1
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please update the mod to 1.17.40,
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Make the barrage Visible In first person pls
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Can u give D4C Dimension travel where they go to a Different Place that'll be sickkk
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why when i unzip the file, i get an error message, what should i do
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I really hope u add C-moon,Cream and more strong stands !!
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Being a Jojo fan And seeing this makes me so happy bruuh This is the best addon ive seen, Hoping To see more stands in the next update !!
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