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Kampston City

Welcome to Kampston! Soon to be among the biggest cities made on Bedrock Edition, Kampston City is a project that I have been working on since February 2021. The goal is to build a city comparable to other major Minecraft maps like Mattupolis or Greenfield (Both built on Java Edition).

Download is FREE FOR ALL. 


PLEASE READ: The world contains some buildings either duplicated or inspired by other Minecraft Creators and maps. Not all buildings are original builds. 

The Build is incomplete, and the mcworld download exists to show you where I am with my progress.



How releases will work:

My Project will be divided in phases, and each phase will be divided in sections, and each section will be its own "version". As of May 5th, I'm currently on the first phase.

Phase One (I am here) 

Section 1: Frwy and Boulevard Connected (Completed)

Section 2: Kampston Square (I AM HERE)

Section 3: Filling in empty streets

Pre Release (Coming Soon)

Section 4: Completing Oriander Centre (Mall)

Section 5: Add cars and buses


Section 6: Expansion

Section 7: More Buildings

Section 8: Fill up the rest of streets

Section 9: Final changes


Phase Two

STAY TUNED. I will try my best to complete the first phase as soon as I can.

Kampston Transit System

This is my vision for Kampston's metro system. 

Both Square and City Hall stations are considered "Transfer Hubs", where riders can transfer to different metro or bus lines.

The Metro Lines:

Yellow: Golden Line

Green: SkyLine (Primarily above ground)

Mauve: Metrocity Line 

Purple: Valley Line

Blue: Mainland Line (The oldest line of the city)

Where is Kampston?

Kampston is a city in the west coast of a country I call "Metroland". It's a dumb name, but it started as an idea back when I was in 3rd grade and here I am now bringing it to life.... or to minecraft. 

A Website, a YouTube Channel, and an Instagram Page will be coming soon.

Select version for changelog:


Added some new buildings to the City Square, keep in mind that the download exists to show my progress, as the first phase of the project is not completed. 


  1. Download The Map
  2. Download mikeyto1o's ModernHD Texture Pack
  3. Open on Minecraft with texture pack activated

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Hi your city looking great so far. I like the roads, streets and highway. All of them are very detailed and the buildings are great but better if they some have interior. And i saw a familiar sign that looks like jollibee am i right?. Also your goal is big but my advise is you need some team builders to achieve the greenfield size city. Because greenfield takes years to build with a team of builders that i think 20-50+. Also keep it up your city is great
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Wow can’t wait for when you get more progress done it looks great already. in the future are you going to decorate inside the buildings?
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great job do i have to do all download and plz contact me on instgram name [darth4choke]
i have some question i gave it 5 stars thank you
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Hi, the only thing that you truly need to download with the mcworld is the texture pack. The road sign pack isn't really necessary but it will show all the signs that I added. I unfortunately don't have an Instagram Page yet, but I can reply to any questions you have through this comments section. Thanks for the 5 stars!
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This looks amazing, I can't wait to see the finished product. Keep it up!
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