Published on February 07, 2020 (Updated on February 07, 2020)

Keragard - Medieval City

This is a map of a medieval city. It is an entire island full of houses and crops for the survival of the villagers. All the houses are decorated. I hope you enjoy it.

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Why Adfly of all things?
How to install it?
Love it!
I’m having trouble importing the level
Also doesn’t .mcpack lead you right into the game and .zip required you to unzip
Can I please use this for Educational purposes with kids in school through Minecraft Education Edition? I’m a teacher. Obviously no money will be made. Credit will be fully given to you as creator.
Not sure u can actually port Minecraft levels into Education edition. I think that they can only be ported into official Minecraft.
Amazing work! I even made a few tweaks of my own and inside jokes with my friends. Great idea for a realm!
wow.... amazing!! loved it!!
May I take a video with this map? I will state in the video that it was made by you and I would write
Você é um mito
Uh it keeps sayin “waiting to upload” what do I do..?
Can I use this map for cinematic please
Yes, you can use it, but to share the download of the map use the link on this page.
What shaders are u using in the pictures? Also super cool map ?
The shader is called Enhanced Biomes.
Can i use your map for my minigames map... :)
If you use this map, you must leave credits, to share the download use the link on this page.