Published on February 19, 2019 (Updated on June 09, 2021)

Keyyard’s Floating Texts Addon

Floating Texts is a very useful features for many famous Servers,… but the only way to obtain them was using plugins which only available for servers. This Addon added an entity called Floating Texts which allow you to name it & make it floating forever!

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Addon is now up to date.

All minecraft supported languages are now supported.

RP and BP are now dependence and will apply both when one gets applied.


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Great addon and easy to use! Can i use this addon to my worlds?
pretty cool
Great addon! I can use it in every world and is easy to summon the text.
Sorry everyone about the advertise link stuff, i will update the link soon.
the download is a scam/virus if only he put some sort of google docs, Mega downloads, or similar link for it
Id like to be able to report this use MediaFire I legit have been sent to a p0rn website and it linked me to a scam website its just a scam DON'T TRY DOWNLOADING THIS!! I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS TO ANYONE!
yes it redirect me to a l3sbian site
Hmmm Chrome Doesnt let me download this...
Its April 2020, and this is still my go-to addon for map making
mediafire plz
it doesnt work the entity works fine but i cant name it i can still kill it with barrier though
Rename under the mob, its like a head that goes invis with the body always invis, your welcome.
Very nice and really just a good addon, sadly this broke on 1.12.1 bedrock and text is now undestroyable and moves own its own (At-least for realms)
I think this addon is GREAT! I use bedrock edition of xbox, so being able to do something like this without a world editor is such a relief!
The downlaod link dosent work for me...