Published on May 01, 2021

Killing Machine Addon

This Addon pack would add a whole new killing machine to the game which would kill any harmful mob or banned players trying to enter your territory. You can even craft this machine in survival and also set it to different modes. It has all total of 4 modes and all of them are extremely powerful.


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The crafting is really easy.

When you place this Setup kit on a block, it will build up the machine for you, but you would be required to add a Redstone block after it is build (to power up the machine) If the machine is unpowered/not-powered it can be killed in just 2 hits

once the machine is powered up, it will start killing zombies, skeletons, spiders, banned players...etc. There are basically 4 Modes for this killing unit:

Normal Mode:

Will rapidly shoot arrows at it's target with increase in health from 2 to 40 hearts (Health equivalent to an Iron golem) and damage level from 1 to 2 hearts in each shot.

Water Mode:

Will shoot tridents at it's target, it might look like that it is shooting at itself when on land, but in actual the speed of trident is so high that we cannot see it reach till the target and bounce back XD. The  health of the machine would increase from 40 to 100 hearts ( approximately health of 3 Iron golems ) and the damage would be 4-5 hearts per shot.

Fire Mode:

Will shoot fireballs at it's target, the health would remain the same, which is 100 Hearts and the damage rate would be around 6-7 Hearts per shot. The  explosion created from the fireball would be larger than of usual and cannot be back fired by the target (Like a ghast fireball can be back fired at itself, this one cannot be)

Wither Mode:

This one is actually mine's favourite and even it is the most destructive one of all. The machine will shoot wither skull at it's target (Just like the actual wither but with a rapid speed) and as we all know how destructive wither might already know what will happen to it's target >:) The health would increase from 100 to 120 Hearts (I think that is approximate health of a wither or less) and the damage would be 7-9 hearts per shot (including wither effect then 10-12 Hearts per shot)


A face to face picture of the killing machine.


Here is a video of complete explanation:



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4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
Still working, does what it promised.
Attacks every mob, very useful.
Thanks got I have to try the wither mode with Taging some ppl on my realm as enemy and when they enter they will die. So it's a good base AND grief protection. 5 Stars, maybe add a instant damage 2 potion mode ( so players will die and no chance to grief). Thanks
Nice, Epic add-on, works great! even though my device is bad
How do you untag someone ?
Ur addon is the best
How do u make it attack players?
Ye it would be nice if it could kill players with a tag or something
IT CAN!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to be attacked, this is his command:
/tag @e[type=entity_name] add enemy

If you don't want to be attacked, this is his command:
/tag @e[name=Player] add enemy.
jeez I can
Use a end crystal (Right click with a end crystal in hand)
I haven't even played it and it already sounds awsome
Is si good!! Can you put dragon breath?
Dragon breath is not so powerful, in fact if I add it, then it would generate an extreme lag due to lingering effect of the breath