Published on July 25, 2021

Tameable Goats Addon - Special Goat Milk

This addon allows a player to tame a goat in Minecraft PE. What's special once you tame it? Well, once tamed you can ride it, milk it, store stuff in it's fur (Storage), gain it's special charge attack while fighting, etc..I Make Addons/Videos like this weekly, please encourage me by subscribing my YouTube Channel - Anni boy If you don't encourage me/support me, it MIGHT be that I stop making addons like these so please do 😭

How to tame a goat:


To tame a goat you can use a Wheat, Apple or a Carrot, the goat will come running to you but remember it may not get tamed at once, it depends upon the goat's temper how many wheat/apple/carrot it will need to be tamed. You can even milk an untamed(Wild) goat with the help of a bucket.


Goat Milk:

Earlier (Without this addon) Goats gave normal milk, a milk which will take away all your effects. Now (With this addon) Goats will give a special goat milk, this milk won't take any effects from you, but it will give you strength and a jump boost. You will be able to jump more than the height of a normal Minecraft tree (That is like 4-5 blocks high jump) and will gain a little more strength for pvp / fights. Just Right Click with an empty bucket; Press-Hold for mobile users.


Once tamed:

Once tamed the player can ride the goat, servile using it's high jumping ability, use it to go down risky paths as the goat does not die from fall damage, can store some of your stuff, will help you in attacking in the form of a battle ram, etc.

Riding it:

Jumping with it:




This video shows how it attacks (Charge attack), how to tame it, how to milk it, etc. Please watch it till the end, I won't answer stupid questions.



Q: Does it work in 1.17?
A: Yes, it does for all versions which are 1.17.0+

Q: Does the knockback and damage increase when it charges from far away?
A: Yes, the more far it charges from, the more knockback and damage.

Q: Will a wild goat still attack?
A: Yes, a wild goat still might attack, but that would be rare if it hits.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

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How to install:

  1. Go to the given download link
  2. Click on free access with ads

  3. Click on discover articles.

  4. Wait for 15 Seconds and then click on the Cross.

5. Once Done then click on continue and then you can download the addon :D

Enjoy !

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Hey creator, can I have ur discord or instagram to chat with u. I know a good place for u to sell this mod for money. I can tell u in detail by chatting with u
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very nice, I've made a similar addon before which also allows you to tame goats, its interesting to see how other people would make the same concept differently :)
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Use player json?
Anyways epic addon
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Nope, no player.json only goat.json :)
Thank you
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Cool but.send me a Dropbox version of it's download MediaFire won't acceptme
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Umm...why is media fire not allowing you?
You can try the option of "Access with MCPEDL (Slow)". I don't suggest it but you can try it.
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Thank you :D
Maybe you can rate it...please
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