Lockable Chests Addon

This addon adds a bunch of new chests to the game which can be locked/unlocked using key cards, you can either set these chests to get unlocked only by you or by anyone with the key card. You can even use these chests in any of your maps or templates, ENJOY :D By the way, I make many addons and videos like this, so if you want to see any other or want to send a request, send it on my Latest YouTube Video, channel name - Anni boy  ( Please subscribe to my YouTube because it inspires me to make more such kind of addons...please)

Lockable Chests:

These chests when lock are unbreakable which means that they neither burn, drown, siphon, brake nor can be killed (You can use /kill but still it won't die, when locked ). They can only be unlocked by the same colour key cards (The default/normal chest only get's unlocked/locked with normal key card). You can even name a chest using name tags to remember or make a map using this addon.

Crafting a lockable chest:

4Iron Blocks : Chest


Colouring a normal lockable chest:

You can colour a normal unlocked chest using desired dye, right click on the chest  (Or hold for mobile users) with the desired dye in hand to change colour:

for recolouring a coloured chest, brake it with a chest braker (Info given below), place the chest and recolour.



Key cards:

Use key cards to lock/unlock the same coloured chests, you can also rename them using an anvil to use to inside a map or to remember which chest it unlocks (Added this feature specially for colour blinds)

Crafting a key card:

Iron Ingot : Redstone Dust (Will only work when Redstone dust is placed just below the ingot)


Colouring a key card:

Mix a normal key card with desired dye to make coloured key cards, NOTE: Make sure that your dye is placed just below normal key card:

Excluding the normal key card, there are 15 other possibilities:



Recognition Module:

This is a special module which allows you to make the chest get only unlocked by you [ Not recommended for map creators] (You own the chest and you can only unlock it, make sure to hold a key card or it might show you the disown error even if you own it). To apply the module, right click on the chest (Hold/Interact option for mobile users).

Crafting a recognition Module:

Observer : Iron Trap Door



Chest Braker:

As the chest is Unbreakable, you can brake the chest only when it is unlocked using this item. In order to brake, right click on the chest (Hold/Interact option for mobile users) your chest will brake and you will obtain a new chest in your inventory. (Make sure that you at least have one empty slot)

Crafting a Chest Braker:

Shears : Flint

This placement order is not necessary but the items are.


See all the things in action, working proof + Animations !

[ Chest overview - 0:00   Key cards - 0:55   Recognition Module - 2:25   Chest Braker - 3:33 ]


Q: What if I forgot what to do inside the game?

A : Type "/function info_lockablechest" in chat box to get a whole list of brief info


Q: Shall I take a screenshot of the craftings to remember them?

A: No need! Just type "/function craftings_lockablechest" in chat box to get a list.


Q: Will this addon cause lag on my device?

A: This addon would never be a reason to lag, it might be some other addon, minecraft itself, or maybe there are problems on your device.


Q: Can I use it on Multiplayer?

A: Obviously yes, you can :)


Q: Will it support 1.17?

A: For sure yes!

Select version for changelog:


Fixed Chest moving with fishing rods

Now the chest cannot be broken with arrows

Added support to work with Lockable Doors Addon ( More info here - https://mcpedl.com/lockable-doors-electric-fence-addon/ )

If the chest is not showing up, or not working enable Experimental Gameplay > Additional moding capabilities and Holiday features.


How to install:

  1. Go to the given download link
  2. Click on free access with ads

  3. Click on discover articles and wait for about 15 seconds

  4. Once Done then click on continue and then you can download the addon :D

Enjoy !

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4.26 / 5 (23 votes)
Its immune to everything, even commands. . . . except water. Literally the easiest thing to obtain. A bucket of water.
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thanks so much! can u teach me how?
cuz i wanna know how to make them too and I will shout out u if u do but its ur choice lol
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I have problem bcz when i import it on my server just a few hours it became invisible what do i do?
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It is the BUG, HOPE it will be fixed. But it still works
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Works perfectly! I finally won't get robbed! Tysm for making this addon!!!
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cool can you make a lockable trap door?
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Can you please stop the chest from saying annoying sound's when you get close to it.
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Thanks! maybe you could have rated 5-star or 4 star at least 😅
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Pls make 1.17
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To show it 1.17 I meant.
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Gotta say man, GOOD JOB! I love the door and chests lock mod!
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you think you can make a mod of doors that unlock with cards
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Great Addon Bro!!! If you could add a block similar to this chests to lock doors, trapdoors, etc. it would be perfect, thank you again!
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Hey this addon is pretty good looks like a mod of java and its very cool, I think that it would be great to create something like a security craft mod for bedrock i know there is one but is old and has so many bugs... could you make something like that i think you will do it great!
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