Lockable Doors Addon + Electric Fence Addon

This addon adds 16 new doors to the game which can be locked/unlocked using special key cards, you can either set these doors to get unlocked only by you or by anyone with the key card. You can even use these doors in any of your maps or templates, ENJOY :D  


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Lockable Doors:

These doors when lock are unbreakable which means that they neither burn, drown, fished, brake nor can be killed (You can use /kill but still it won't die, when locked ). They can only be unlocked by the same colour key cards (The default/normal door only get's unlocked/locked with normal key card). You can even name a door using name tags to remember or make a map using this addon.

Crafting a lockable door:

2 x Pistons


Colouring a normal lockable door:

You can colour a normal unlocked door using desired dye, right click the door  (Or hold for mobile users) with the desired dye in hand to change colour:
for recolouring a coloured door, brake it with a door braker (Info given below), place the door and recolour.

Key cards:

Use key cards to lock/unlock the same coloured doors, you can also rename them using an anvil to use to inside a map or to remember which door it unlocks (Added this feature specially for colour blinds)


Crafting a key card:

Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate : Redstone Dust (Will only work when Redstone dust is placed just below the plate)

Colouring a key card:

Mix a normal key card with desired dye to make coloured key cards, NOTE- Make sure that your dye is placed just below normal key card:


In all, there are 16 possibilities of Key Cards:


Recognition Module:

This is a special module which allows you to make the door get only unlocked by you [ Not recommended for map creators] (You own the door and you can only unlock it, make sure to hold a key card or it might show you the disown error or the locked message). To apply the module, right click on the door (Hold/Interact option for mobile users).

Crafting a recognition Module:

Observer : Iron Trap Door


Door Braker:

As the door is Unbreakable, you can brake the door only when it is unlocked using this item. In order to brake, right click on the door (Hold/Interact option for mobile users) your door will brake and you will obtain a new door in your inventory. (Make sure that you at least have one empty slot)


Crafting a Door Braker:

Shears : Flint



Electric Fence:

To protect your walls, base, door etc-etc, you can use this electric fence to shock the people coming close to your base. Once you have placed a fence, you will have to power it up by right clicking it with a Redstone Block or a Redstone dust. This is a smart fence which means it will not give a shock to it's owner / the person who powered it up and instead will shock every other player and mob. In order to break a fence, use shears...don't worry only the owner can brake it using shears, no one else can do that.

Crafting an Electric Fence:

8 x Iron Nuggets : 1 x Cobweb



See all the things in action, working proof + Animations in Fun !
[ I tried to film it in a heist drama type, just to make it non-bored  :) ]


Q: What if I forgot what to do inside the game?

A : Type "/function info_lockabledoor" in chat box to get a whole list of brief info


Q: Shall I take a screenshot of the craftings to remember them?

A: No need! Just type "/function craftings_lockabledoor" in chat box to get a list.


Q: Will this addon cause lag on my device?

A: This addon would never be a reason to lag, it might be some other addon, Minecraft itself, or maybe there are problems on your device.


Q: Can I use it on Multiplayer?

A: Obviously yes, you can :)

Q: Can I use it for 1.14 or 1.13?

A: No, you will require 1.16.100 or above version...sorry :(

Q: Can I use it for 1.17 or above?

A: Sure!


Additional Packs:

You can create your own security craft using this addon and some of the packs below:

Lockable Chest Addon - This addon adds 16 new lockable chests [similar to this addon] More info here - https://mcpedl.com/lockable-chests-addon-1/

Killing Machine Addon - Adds an extreme craftable killing machine to the game, which will protect your base from monsters and even kill blacklisted players. More info here - https://mcpedl.com/killing-machine-addon/

Drones Addon - Adds a craftable drone to the game, which has a camera and you can even use it as a flying camera around your base. More info here - https://mcpedl.com/drones-addon-flying-camera-drone/

Select version for changelog:


Sorry for all those who have downloaded this recently, in this update I have fixed some things:

  1. Download link was updated
  2. Added a way to break the electric fence
  3. You need to now activate the fence using a Redstone block or Redstone dust in order to make it shock people
  4. Doors now cannot be fished and broke
  5. Now doors are arrow immune


How to install:

  1. Go to the link provided
  2. Click on the option, Free Access with ads

 3.Click on view articles.

4. Wait 15 Seconds and Close the articles tab.

5. Download the addon from Mediafire :D


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4.75 / 5 (12 votes)
Awesome but universal door breaker doesnt work
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oh nvm it only works on owned doors I see. it should work on locked doors that arent owned though in my opinion.
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So cool But what if someone tries to break the walls from outside they can just get in so what is the best block to put
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I downloaded this mod for Xbox it's fine in singleplay but in split screen it is broken once the placer looks at the door the other play/split screener see's it as it's opposite like the placer see's it as closed but the split screener see's it as open but can't walk through it could you please fix this, thanks.
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THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED FOR SO LONG THE HEAVENS BLESSED ME TY CREATER i hope it works with my other addons i downloaded
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how do i lock the door
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Hello there. Can you share the links of this mod separately for RP and BP separately? I really liked the mod.
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Love it but one thing please!!!!!
We love your addon on my public realm but we wish there was a key card only obtainable through commands that would unlock any door. I like the personal door function but if a player quits the realm were stuck with their door forever! Thanks!
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Oh, ok will resolve your query soon (I mean update the addon soon)
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The add-on is very cool
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you should make a laser add on that adds laser blocks that send out lasers in a single direction depending on what direction they are placed and they don’t deal damage at first when you place them but you could add a damage upgrade to them after you place it for it to deal damage and before you put on a damage upgrade it can detect players if they go in front of it letting off a redstone signal and you can add a invisibility upgrade that makes it invisible to everyone but you

do you think that’s possible and if so could you make this
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This is great absolutely love it. Please make a lockable trapdoors one to complete the set.
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Pls make a tameable Panda Add-on to have an even more playful and cute pet in minecraft
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the recognition module isnt working for me
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Use it when the door is unlocked, also when the door is unlocked, right click (or hold for mobile) in the open space BETWEEN both the units/boxes/hydraulic pressers.

Hope it works :D
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Amazing!! My question is does this replace any block? I didn’t see anything replaced but want to make sure. Also if it doesn’t may I use this addon for the map im making? I will give full credit and links
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You surely can use it in a map (Make sure to credit)
It will not replace any block anywhere, but will do it once when spawned in the world right above itself (That is a 2 block space where it is placed)
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Nocth or heronrine
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