Published on February 17, 2021 (Updated on April 07, 2024)

Lava Sponges

This add-on adds lava sponges. It can remove lava from spaces such as lava pools or even the nether. Place them down to clear giant areas! Ideal for nether bases or dangerous situations in the nether.

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  • Allowed lava sponges to be scraped by an axe to make them non-molten
  • Increased range of normal lava sponge
  • Added Compressed (x4 and x16) variants of the lava sponge
    • Compressed lava sponges remove a greater area of lava
  • Updated the lava sponge texture to look better
  • Update pack icon and banners
  • Made lava sponges appear in the creative inventory
  • Swapped to using the (fully stable) Script API for block placing, interactions etc.
  • No more experimental toggles

Works in all versions 1.20.70+



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Can you update it to 1.20.80, please?
Hello I can make the french translation because i'm french contact me on discord cAptive#9436
Its good, but as a matter of fact, magma blocks can absorb lava in the same way as sponges
This is a good complement this great, thanks for creating it keep going and never give up.
make it so that when you put it in water is makes a steam sound and turns back into its original form,
like wet sponges when you place them in the nether
Oh yeah was just about to say this. It's a great addon, but this would make it better
Actually, since we can craft them it's fine to not be able to reuse them. If you have a magma and basalt farm, it's easy! Maybe if the sponges generated naturally as rare blocks in the terrain or were part of structure loot like bastions or ruined portals, adding a reusability feature would be fine, and they wouldn't have a crafting recipe.
this is great for my world!