Published on February 17, 2021 (Updated on February 20, 2022)

Lava Sponges

This addon adds one basic block - the lava sponge. It can remove lava from spaces such as lava pools or even the nether. Requires Holiday Creator Features to be enabled.

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Updated the download links to the submission to be inside of MCPEDL.


  • lava_sponge.mcaddon (57.28 KB)

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Hello I can make the french translation because i'm french contact me on discord cAptive#9436
Its good, but as a matter of fact, magma blocks can absorb lava in the same way as sponges
This is a good complement this great, thanks for creating it keep going and never give up.
make it so that when you put it in water is makes a steam sound and turns back into its original form,
like wet sponges when you place them in the nether
Oh yeah was just about to say this. It's a great addon, but this would make it better
Actually, since we can craft them it's fine to not be able to reuse them. If you have a magma and basalt farm, it's easy! Maybe if the sponges generated naturally as rare blocks in the terrain or were part of structure loot like bastions or ruined portals, adding a reusability feature would be fine, and they wouldn't have a crafting recipe.
Reusability is something I was thinking about when making the addon. My reasoning behind not adding it was that the sponge becomes "molten" and the holes inside of it close. I am still thinking of how I would manage it, I was thinking perhaps putting it in the smoker, the smoker would fill it with smoke and "clear the holes." I am still working on it though and your ideas sound very interesting!
this is great for my world!