Published on January 09, 2021 (Updated on March 08, 2021)

LC SCP Foundation Add-on v1.3.1 (Last Big Update) Fixed

LC SCP Foundation Add-on

A new style scp add-on. Lots of doors and building materials in this add-on.

Main Development: LC Studios
Other models: Co-production members in Discord server


v1.3 is a last big update of LC SCP Foundation Add-on. No more big update on this project.

And no further updates planned.
Also I changed account. If you subscribed old account, please subscribe this new account


Original download page: here (


  • SCPs
  • Doors
  • Elevator
  • Warhead
  • Furniture



Don't launch this warhead just for your interest.

This warhead completely destroy your creations and crash Minecraft game if you don't have very strong computer.

Precautions when playing

– Do not leave air under the door entity

– Don’t hit repeatedly to the door controllers


– Don’t claim this add-on as your add-on.

– Don’t request for more updates and more furniture and more doors and more and more and more.

– Don’t tell early access links to others.

– Must be leave a this page link or MCPE DL link if you make a map or video.

You follow the above rules, you are forgiven for whatever you do. (use it for your map/video)

And if you use this add-on for your world, your world will be licensing to CC BY-SA 3.0


– Textures and sounds taken from:

SCP – Containment Breach (

SCP – Containment Breach Ultimate Edition Mod (

SCP Janitorial Work Mod (


Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 (

Select version for changelog:



  • Fixed closed door 1 (now visible)

Thank you for reading this :D

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

does this work in 1.18.30?
How to use rotate tool?
great mod i love breaking my laptop with 100 nuks lol i call nukes nuks
detonating the alpha warhead in 90 seconds all remaining personal are advised to go to the nearest evacuation helicopter or go to the nearest blast shelter
И да сделайте инструмен для тово чтобы можнобыло убрать любую вещь/моб из мода командой kill @e вобще неудобно поскольку уберутся все мобы а нужно это потому-что ровно поставить какойто моб проктически невозможно!

And yes, make a tool so that you can remove any thing / mob from the mod with the kill @e command in general, it is inconvenient because all mobs will be removed, and this is necessary because it is impossible to put exactly any mob proctically!
I love this mod! the elevator is sick and the lamp is too! maybe 1.18 or 1.19 when it comes out? :D
Why does the elevator can only be facing towards west? I can still use facing tools and turn elevators but the elevator just turned west? I also love the elevator and its so good.
im pretty sure all mobs face west when summoned
Does this also include everything from Site-19 Props?
Why does the blast door entity uneven when you close (sometimes) or spawn? plz fix it
I loved the addon, but I have a question, I spawned the tesla gate, and I can't kill her, tell me how I can kill her plsss
I use it like this: /kill @e[type=lc:
How do I kill the tesla gate with this command?
Do I download the zip or McAddon?
To be honest sometimes the mod glitch, but those are all just minor glitches and bugs. This mod is still enjoyable, you can get creative with this mod. This mod is one of my favorite mods in Bedrock Edition.
i love it but on xbox its purple and black can you fix it if you can't its ok im givin u a 5 star because its cool but please fix it if you can
Where is the keycard?
The warhead is kinda like the nuke in the AVP Mod for Minecraft Java.