Published on August 06, 2023 (Updated on October 29, 2023)

SCP Dystopia: Redefined - 2023.2.1 (Bug Fix) [1.20.40]

SCP Dystopia: Redefined (hereafter SCPDT:R) is a robust yet very simple SCP Foundation addon
With SCPDT:R, you can create your desired SCP map filled with detailed mobs and functional blocks.

In survival mode, you can fight SCPs in the overworld, and spawn SCP facilities by crafting SCP documents.
There are abandoned facilities scattered around the overworld. Maybe you can find some good loots inside them.

Also, SCPDT:R does not override any vanilla features. Which means you can use SCPDT:R with other addons that overrides vanilla features (Most SCP addons do).

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SCP Dystopia: Redefined # 2023.2.1


[ SCPs - New ]

Amount: 0

Safe: 0

Euclid: 0

Keter: 0


[ SCPs - Total ]

Amount: 19

Safe: 7

Euclid: 8

Keter: 4




> Guns (dtr_guns_)

- Added USP .45 Suppressed


=== CHANGES ===

> Base (dtr_)

- Moved scripting API version to 1.6.0

- SCP-049 effect will no longer infect through SCP-049-2.

- Changed eating duration of candies to normal.


> Guns (dtr_guns_)

- Pistol bullets are slow snow

- Reduced Glock-17 spread


=== FIXES ===

> Base (dtr_)

- Fixed the bug where blast doors does not reset barriers when you rotate it for second time.


Supported Minecraft versions

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please update it for 1.20.80 So it works properly And make it not a zip file
the guns are kinda broken rn. they dont have the flash anymore and some dont have any sound at all.
Can you add existing features like the original version?
how do I install resources pack???? it only shows bahovier pack bruhhh
ngl LC should change the SCP labels to look like the ones from SCP: classified because both mods work amazingly with each other, but when there are 2 different styles of labels it takes away a bit of immersion.
This mod is the best for building your own SCP facility.
The building block’s design are amazing, and so are the SCPs.
Huge thanks to the creators of this mod!
CHAPTER3HUGGYGUY2344 February 06, 2024 at 4:49 pm
Update to 1.20.60 in the next update or if the update after 1.20.60 that is not out now.
wait it take time to code
CHAPTER3HUGGYGUY2344 February 03, 2024 at 11:00 am
or this month? (February)
CHAPTER3HUGGYGUY2344 February 03, 2024 at 10:59 am
Could the next update be released in 2024/3/1?
To make the blast door work, use a lever, button, or keycard scanner (the keycard scanner and button must be redstone block mode) then place redstone connecting to where the redstone block is placed, and connect the redstone to a piston that pushes a door power block under the blast door when activated.
Make the SCP-682 model better
Hello, the mod is very cool! At first i ready didn't understand how to create structures, but then i figured it out. Also, there are 2 requests, redo the texture of the statue(it also moves when you look at it) and add an elevator that exactly moves when pressed by a button. I know it's difficult, but it's possible, good luck with future developments!
What do all the tokens do???