Published on June 09, 2021

Life Increase Addon

Hi, I'm SystemTv, I created this addon not very complex or anything like that but it allows you to get more life bars when using a certain item, it will be very useful in pack of addons with difficulty to at least have an advantage, and also for survival normal, as I said it is a simple but very useful addon when you face dangerous mobs

This addon allows you to get a greater amount of hearts a total of 5 bars of hearts with a single item but this does not mean that it is easy to get first you must find the life ore that will give you fragments of hearts when you collect 9 of these you can get Another item that would be like half the heart with 4 of these you can craft 1 heart that now will give you +1 extra heart if only 1 heart so you should look for many of these to get the total number of bars that are 5


o get the fragments you need to find the next ore, you can chop with a stone beak onwards

After obtaining the fragments, you can make the following crafts using these elements, with 9 fragments you can make the Hearth Meduim that will allow you with 4 of these to craft the Ultimate Heart

In this way they can get the item that will allow you to get more hearts as I said before, a total of 5 bars of hearts that are obtained 1 by 1. To get the hearts you need to have it in your hand and keep the screen pressed, in this way the heart is consumed and gives you +1 life



Thank you very much for downloading the addon and I hope you liked it



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dd you steal this addon from vatonage or its just a coincidence that you make a very very similar addon?
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Oye en mi server de minecraft el addon a veces no funciona siguen apareciendo los items pero no se comen los corazones y no te los da.
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