Published on September 09, 2021 (Updated on June 23, 2022)

Light-Emitting Shield

Having a dynamic light is good, like holding a torch and you instantly have a source of light, but you can't hold the torch on your off hand so why not use the items that we can hold off hand like shield.

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There is now Light-Emitting Shield v3 which is still the same I just updated it to 1.19.


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Al fin un add on de Luz que si funciona en 1.18
Can you add a torch in crafting recipe? And change its texture
Does it use player.json?
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Wow! This is awesome! Luv the dyanamic lights when used with the torch and shield. Although wish all types of light source from in game items would also emit light when held or on player. Otherwise, thank you so much for creating this wonderful addon!
Yeah, I can do that, and thanks to your feedback