Published on March 01, 2022 (Updated on June 26, 2022)

On/Off Invisible Armour Stand

This resource pack can bring a variety of new decorations and designs. By naming "drax" on an armour stand (using name tag) it will turn to invisible. To reveal it's armour stand look again just destroy it.

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I changed my name from SleepyMacchiato to JollyMacChiato (I know both are silly name), and I basically just change the description of the creator which is now JollyMacChiato instead of SleepyMacchiato.


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Isnt this just invisibility?
No, invisibility requires behaviour pack. I'm changing its texture to transparent.
"I have mastered the ability to stand so incredibly still, that I'm invisible to the naked eye." *Audible crunching of chips*