Published on September 10, 2021 (Updated on September 09, 2021)

Lightstick Kpop Addon

The addon will add lightsticks from the little kpop world, we have from some famous kpop groups. even if you don't like kpop, you'll find that all lightsticks have effects that will help you survive...


Has two types of the same addon, the lightsticks without effect and with effect.  Both types have very good item durations, so they won't run out fast.


Before creating the lightsticks, you need to create your primary fonts.






Right after you can create the lightsticks


Name: Twice Lightstick

Effect: Jump_Booster

Name: Red Velvet Lightstick

Effect: Invisibility

Name: BTS Lightstick

Effect: Fire_Resistance




Name: NCT Lightstick

Effect: Health_Booster

Name: Exo Lightstick

Effect: Strength

Name: SHINne Lightstick

Effect: Speed




Name: Got7 Lightstick

Effect: Water_Breathing

Name: Blackpink Lightstick

Effect: Resistance

Name: SNSD Lightstick

Effect: Regeneration




Remembering that you can download files without the effects


How to skip the ads?

Wait 5 seconds and click on free acess with ads, then you will have to click on Discover Articles wait a while and click on the x to close the articles and then click on continue, a new tab will open so wait for it to load the mediafire link.

Select version for changelog:


Lightsticks are derived from swords, have slightly higher damage than diamond swords and effects on each of them


Turn on:

- Holyday Creator Features;

- Additional Moddings Capabilities.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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Finally, Kpop fans will have something to feel represented in Minecraft :)
Bruhhhhhhh what am I gonna use this for brunch so expensive.nah.
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 11, 2021 at 2:23 am
Bruh, looks bad. I love it
Finally, Kpop fans will have something to feel represented in Minecraft :)