Published on December 11, 2020 (Updated on May 10, 2021)

Lulu's Addon

This addon makes grinding much easier but some mobs got buffed (i buffed the phantom so much that u cant survive with full protect 4 neterite armor+ godapple the only way u survive is a totem)

I just made this pack for fun and dont rlly care about balance

Netherite is much easier to get.

God apples are easier and are now craftable.

U can make the ingot with 4 nuggets instead of 9.

Mobs drops much more stuff.

Shulkerbox recipe is now shapeless.

Piglins have a change to give u netherite scrap.

Boat recipe is now the same on java.

Drops are more common.

Craftable chainmail (and changed chain recipe)

Evoker drops up to 3 totems.

Piglins have a change to give u netherite scraps.

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update 2:
fixed enchanted golden apple not working
rails gives you more roles when crafted
set the supported mcpedl version to 1.16.221
scaffolding gives you more when crafted
wither skeletons now have a 50% chance to drop their heads


download the .mcpack file

got downloads folder

and then press it and it should import


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Oh god I don't know if this is op for the better or worse?
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