Published on June 08, 2020 (Updated on June 09, 2020)

Mazda RX7 FD Addon

Introducing my personal favorite JDM car (and also my proudest model so far), the RX7 FD! A legendary JDM that stands alongside the Skyline and Supra. Although it may not be the most reliable car on the block, it's speed and awesome design will pay off for that! Frog eyes for life!

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Update of 9/6/20

1. Fixed a bug where the RX7 White would not play its animation when moving.

2. Added an extra color, blue, as a "compensation" gift for the bug mentioned above.


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Now make Keisuke Takahashi's rx7 fd3s (initial D) and Ryosuke Takahashi's rx7 fc3s :)
This car is so fast. Please make this slower like the AE86 by Mcfl0wer (the replaced AE86).
You could make some luxury cars, for example: Rolls Royce . OR you could make an Aston Martin sports car (Aston Martin cars cost a lot of money!
I know this is not right considering you have a lot more work to do(and that you already made a mitsubishi)but..
could you make a mitsubishi eclipse(the model in the first f&f)?
I can't download the R one
finally someone who makes decent car addons lmao
make a mustang bruh! thatll be amazing
Ayy isnt local 58 that horror youtube channel from a while ago? If so thats a really cool easteregg
Nah, just do some concept cars! It will be so cool!
Or the Chevy ssr
Like the hummer hx
ashminggu! MAKE A SUV (sports utility vehicle) PLEASE! Eg. BMW X7
Yeah make a Range Rover car!
I see you guys are interested in SUV's. I'll add that to my to-do list!
I want fast and furious 2 Skyline pls
I am a car nut. Make some cool carz for me please........
I really like your work. Brilliant! And also, what is the next addon? Hope it is something good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise (;
Hope it is a concept car?
Hey hey hey! ashminggu! Can you make a Range Rover car?