Published on March 03, 2019 (Updated on March 04, 2023)

Mazin [8x]

MazinPack is an 8x8 project that is still in major development! Expect to see lots of awesome stuff, and broken stuff. This pack project was made by lolmarkdude2 / MazinMark.

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Log //

  • Textured Iron Ingot & Iron Block
  • Modified Gold Ingot & Gold Block
  • Textured 6 Wool Textures
  • Modified Swords Slightly
  • Modified Glowstone Slightly
  • Modified Apple


MazinPack v2.04



Supported Minecraft versions


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No, I'll pin this because this should've been made clear in FAQ, sorry about that 😅. Mazinpack will be free on mcpedl, always.
when you update to 1.19
Hello lolmarkdude2,
We are NPTS -- a China translation team.Can we non-profit agency your resources and translate them to China Resource platform?
We guarantee they are not for any business use and we can help you maintain resource copyright in China!
Question, once you are done with this texture pack would you also put this on the marketplace like your glazin 8x?
No, I'll pin this because this should've been made clear in FAQ, sorry about that 😅. Mazinpack will be free on mcpedl, always.
ᴀɪᴄʜᴀɴ ɢᴇᴍᴏʏ? November 18, 2021 at 8:44 pm
Is it gud for pvp? And does it has server pack support?
Sorta and yes.
This is optional for pvp, I don't recommend it for "FPS Boosting" as It only increases fps by 20 or so frames (because most fps issues on Bedrock Edition come from Code I believe).
it should work on servers without issues.
In case the link doesn't work:
Sorry if it didn't show up
Yeah but if it doesn’t show up you might as well refresh the page in case the cascade style sheet just doesn’t like you. But this works too.
i hope someone will update the pack or me if its ok
Why do you say don't use the adfly link if there IS no adly? I would love to support you, this is a beautiful texture pack
nice. yes, nice clickbait. and pack of course
I have told multiple users that RTX is possible, click baiting isn't a thing if you can quite literally put RTX On with the texture pack, theres nothing from stopping you except mojangs disclaimer and MazinPacks (before removing most RTX IMAGES so it wasn't here anymore) Disclaimer. If you want to do a bit more research on the topic I would be glad to provide proof and information.
Add new mobs textures pls :D
I thought you would add PBR support for this texture pack because of the RTX thumbnail in the last version. But instead you are stopping. ?
Could I make PBR support for this pack like I did it with the vanilla textures? (Vanilla RTX) I would really like to continue this pack because I like the style of it.
I'm confused on the keyword "PBR".

Let me write a few key points down

1. I would love to continue support for mazinpack, but I clearly have not dedicated enough time to it.
2. I'm working on a texture pack with more care, and will release it when I feel is ready.
3. I'm confused on PBR, Is it like support for rtx textures? like how the diamonds pop out of the diamond ore kinda?
4. You are allowed to make a support rtx pack for this if that is a big desire, I'm not sure how it will go either I upload it here or you make a post with my permission.
5. I already publicly halted development for MazinPack, I'd look even sillier to put another nail into the coffin.
Other Than that depending on what "PBR" is I might let you upload a more reliable RTX Resource pack to improve Mazinpack, I'm guessing PBR is some sort of phrase for RTX-Related stuff, I dont understand it lol, but I know currently MazinPack isn't really moving anywhere, for now.
To answer your question about PBR: This means physically based rendering and if a pack has PBR support, every block has different material properties (like shininess, metalness and the amount of light it gives off). This also includes the normal map which is responsible for the 3D-effect.

If you allow me to do this modification to your texture pack, I would upload it and leave a link to this pack as the "default" version of MazinPack.
Nicinator, I can see your comments under every single mcpedl submission lol
It would be like an addon that makes your pack RTX capable with PBR.
Yes This is what I was trying to say. The Metallic, reflectiveness, etc. You can contact me here for any information:
gmail: [email protected]
xbox: lolmarkdude2 (lolmarkdude Im not often on)
discord: MazinMark#7569
The only thing I don't like about this post is that the thumbnail is misleading.
Its not misleading, If you view the comments below you can see that it 1. is possible to use one rtx 2. people lack the care to research and instead act upon the topic without any proof or second thought. 3. Just because I put a disclaimer not reccomending it doesnt mean its not possible, instead your comment is more misleading, its possible to use on rtx, so It cannot mislead users.
This is Kinda Lame!
Is this gonna have 1.16 blocks too?
I'm trying to combine this and music+ to go full on retro in 1.16