MCPE Nether Update BETA

Minecraft Java Edition Nether Update Addon Ported to MCPE! Note this addon is still in beta so a lot of things are changing, getting added, getting removed, etc. If you have any bugs or problems report them to me on discord: Rainbowed#4953 or on twitter @rainbowstevepe

Minecraft Java Edition Nether Update Addon For MCPE is FINALLY here! I tried to include as much as i can from the update. Still note that this addon is still in BETA, so there may be bugs, and stuff i still need to add/remove. 

So for the Netherite Armor and Tools, they replace the golden armor and the golden tools. Each tool and armor still has the same crafting recipe as before.

Now the weapons and tools


Heres a list of items that we changed:

Gold Block = Block Of Netherite

Gold Helmet = Netherite Helmet

Gold Chestplate = Netherite Chestplate

Gold Leggings = Netherite Leggings

Gold Boots = Netherite Boots

Gold Sword = Netherite Sword

Gold Ingot = Netherite Ingot

Gold Ore = Ancient Debris

Gold Shovel = Netherite Shovel 

Gold Hoe = Netherite Hoe

Gold Axe = Netherite Axe

Gold Pickaxe = Netherite Pickaxe

The Ancient Debris can also be smelted to get the Netherite Ingot which can be used to craft the armor and tools:

Heres also some of the new blocks that was added into this addon:

Like i said before this addon is only a beta and alot of stuff will be updated/removed, if theres something i need to fix contact me on discord: Rainbowed#4953 or twitter: @rainbowstevepe

Changelog View more

Updated The featured image

made a few tweaks to the armor

added new mooshrooms

updated the featured image

a few armor tweaks


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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77 Responses

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  1. Guest-2293824148 says:

    It says not a valid zip archive help

  2. Guest-4146439691 says:

    Whats diorite meant to be

  3. Guest-5228480538 says:

    All gold farms are now netherite farms with this addon

  4. Guest-9423903794 says:

    This is not how you make nether rite things

  5. Guest-5110104730 says:

    where’s fire, in new update there was a new color for fire, not only fire, lanterns, tourches, trapdoors, and new two doors, where’s all?

  6. Guest-8295944991 says:


  7. Guest-6582825318 says:

    Chainmail or Custom Helmet = Netherite Helmet

    Chainmail or Custom Chestplate = Netherite Chestplate

    Chainmail or Custom Leggings = Netherite Leggings

    Chainmail or Custom Boots = Netherite Boots

    Custom Block = Block Of Netherite

    Custom Ingot = Netherite Ingot

    Custom Ore = Ancient Debris

    Gold or Custom+Haste Shovel = Netherite Shovel

    Gold Hoe or Custom+Haste = Netherite Hoe

    Gold Axe or Custom+Haste= Netherite Axe

    Gold Pickaxe or Custom+Haste= Netherite Pickaxe

    Gold Sword or Custom= Netherite Sword

  8. Guest-6997722061 says:

    Garbage theres a nether update addon with netherite armor & tools that work and the netherite armor wearable so dont replace vanilla stuff!

  9. Guest-1298801918 says:

    Notch and heroine

  10. Guest-8669708579 says:

    Guys, stop leaving comments saying that this a garbage add on, the guy is doing the best he can, Minecraft doesn’t allow to make custom blocks and items, if an “add on” has these characteristics, it’s a mod, which means mobile users can’t use it and this guy made this so people could have some fun with the add on before the update is added this isn’t clickbait or fake.

  11. LOCK says:

    Why you didn’t do on some things how the update is originally supposed to be like the recipes of netherrite armors

  12. User-1871148693 says:

    lol no like

  13. User-8753927444 says:

    this is a update and that is not how to make armor in the 1.16 good try

  14. User-6388211658 says:

    Next time dont replace anything you can make custom armor.

  15. CherokeeNative says:

    try it changes the gold I’ll wait for it to come out on bedrock

  16. User-1169180300 says:

    Guys it’s just an add on. Its not the whole update. Please understand what you read before you put that comments. It’s just an add on for those who can’t afford to update there Minecraft 😅

  17. suchlikepath22 says:

    Guys, you can’t make new armour only blocks and entitys and character models, hes doing the best he can.

  18. User-7315378652 says:

    Wow this is super fake on so many levels I’ll let them have fun though haha was a good laugh though

    • Guest-5161706086 says:

      What the fr*** dude!? The guy is trying his best, and if you do the slightest thing to tick me off, I guarantee, that you won’t be seeing this site anymore after at least a month.

  19. User-4414752198 says:

    in case you didn’t know, this is fake

  20. User-4206781741 says:

    Thats… not how netherite gear works. You combine the ingot with the diamond gear to create it.

  21. User-3205300718 says:

    Fail to install, invalid zip-archive, tried to download again, still the same. Tried to download on the computer and move files over, but it still doesnt work….

    What to do?

  22. Clickbait, this is a resource pack not an addon. There’s a difference.

  23. User-3398198615 says:

    I only got a texture pack

  24. User-9616831325 says:

    oh my god,this is probably the most restored official addon,GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I’m making a Nethernite addon that dosent replace stuf.

  26. User-7597441252 says:

    Why you don’t use the chainmail armor for the netherite armor, the gold armor is useless

  27. User-5827828860 says:

    Why do you have to replace stuff, if you dint i would download it

  28. User-5468026027 says:

    Wow this update is cool i can’t whait i love relly love this updates

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