Mega Rainbow Parkour

This is my official update in my rainbow parkour and change name to mega rainbow parkour this parkour has 300 stages and update this to 1k stages but if you subscribe my youtube channel thanks for download this map enjoy :) -Lazer blocks- Watch out red lazer if you don't die -Checkpoint- Jump in yellow pad to activate this checkpoint -Rainbow ladder- I change ladder to rainbow ladder -Starting room- I change starting room to cool starting room -Guide- Read all text in npc Subscribe my youtube channel Channel name 3 little brothers

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Watch the video if you want :) 

Thanks for download love you :)


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Bad af just stupid red Blocks, which instantly kill you with tiny stupid Jumps
This is a really good map. There are lots of levels. So this also a good challenge and makes you not get bored!
Sometimes i respawn on the red block that makes me die and i can't get off because everytime i respawn i die and in the end i have to close minecraft. btw i can't press 'esc' because it does immediate respawn. Fix this? Other than that great parkour
I like it when i play it says new version has update i can't join im in version 1.16.201 can you please do the 1.16.201 please so i can play
Download the rainbow parkour 1.16 enjoy :)
Lol it's R O B L O S themed
You could put "roblox-inspired" somewhere, but other than that, 5 stars
Cool map reminds me of roblos lol