Published on June 24, 2021 (Updated on June 26, 2021)

Rainbow Parkour

This is my official rainbow parkour i hope you to enjoy this parkour and please support my youtube channel thanks to download this map :)-Checkpoints- Jump in yellow pad to activate the checkpoint -Kill blocks- Dont walk in magma if you don't die -Guide- Read all text in npc Thanks for download :) My maps in mcpedl is not working this is my second account this parkour is working and thanks for download this I love you guys :)

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Bugs fixed please give me feedback if you see any bugs and i fixed this :)



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can u upload it in the version 1.14.70 for the players that play on minecraft edu? pls
I am in version
Me and my sister played this together and it was fun.. until I fell off on level fifty and didn't die. I changed into creative mode and flew up. It continued to do this and we left.
Kinda looks like an obby game you would see on Roblox (not trying to say anything bad about it)