Published on August 20, 2021 (Updated on October 14, 2021)

Generic Parkour

This is my official generic parkour i hope you enjoy this parkour and please like and subscribe my youtube channel thanks for download this map we love you player :) read my all text here -biomes parkour this parkour has 20 stages and this parkour is very fun -winners room- winners room beat the parkour and if you beat it parkour gave you 20 parkour points enjoy :)Thanks for playing thanks for download this map :)

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Bug fixed winners hub room are revamp 

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This was all very easy but its a great map nice and relaxing.
Its a good parkour map i finished it in about 20-30 mins all in all it was fun would definitely download a v2 about this map:) stages i had trouble beating was the obsidian parkour and the last one (the final stage like after stage 20) enjoyed it alot
Oh about the stage after 20 its the one with bamboo and carpets and that big tree
Parkour is great and relaxing