Published on July 03, 2020 (Updated on July 03, 2020)

MF Ardoni Skin Pack v1.0

Love the Songs of War series (it is canceled :/) and have no idea how to make Ardoni skins? My skin pack brings you several custom fan-made Ardoni skins, including my current RP skin.

Since I updated my Minecraft to the newest version 1.16, I was not able to make more add-ons, since the current MCreator Add-on Maker is only compatible with 1.14. So, while I have to wait for the software to be compatible, I will make skin packs for you people :3

I present you, custom made Ardoni Skins! Although the Minecraft series is kind of dead now (since the next seasons were canceled :/), if you still want to use some SoW skins, it is up to you!

First, my favorite and my current RP skin: Caranoron Neoltaris, the Blacksmith. Remember, those skins are all fan-made, so they were never meant to appear in the series even if they weren't canceled. "Neoltaris" is a mix of Voltaris and Nestoris, so I made the OC say if the two enemy clans ever had a peace treaty, it would be Caranoron.

The second and third are Mendoris and Kaltaris skins. The Mendoris skin is called Veminus, and the Kaltaris skin is called Margravus.

I am sorry for not able to create add-ons for a while. I got a lot of positive feedback from my previous add-on post on this website. Hopefully, you guys would understand as I am not a good coder.



Use them in your fan-made Minecraft Animations

Review this skin pack on YouTube and sites like that.

NOT Allowed--

Claim this skin pack as yours and distribute it to other websites as if you own it.

If you do not link this MCPEDL link when you share this skin pack with others, I will find you and strangle you (just kidding). But just make sure to link this page when you distribute my works to others.

Have fun using the skin pack!


Download the skin pack!


  • MF Ardoni Skins v1.mcpack

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