Published on October 18, 2021 (Updated on November 09, 2021)

Micro Biomes Add-On (v1.2)

Are  you tired and bored to explore a single biome just to find other biome? Have you ever wanted to experience all the biomes in your overworld without needing to travel through long? Or have you ever wanted to encounter more vanilla mobs?  Well, this add-on may help you out! By tweaking the world generation of vanilla biomes, this will make your world more interesting and more exciting  to explore. 

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[Version: 1.2.5]

  • This add-on are now will work with Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle.
  • Added some missing biome on Default Randomness subpack.
  • Tweaked the biome generation list on Climate Randomness subpack.
  • Added an "Epic Randomness" option from  the  subpacks.
  • Added Nether Wastes as a microbiome.
  • Added Crimson Forest as a microbiome.
  • Added Warped Forest as a microbiome.
  • Added Soul Sand Valley as a microbiome.
  • Added Basalt Deltas as a microbiome.
  • Added The End as a microbiome.
  • Added a video trailer for this addon.


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Nice Mod, please update it to 1.19! 🙏🏻
Please update for 1.18
it doesn't work with 1.18 but great mod
Sigue sin funcionar con la opción Caves & Cliffs.
Can I enable cave & cliffs experimental features to get the 1.18 world generation?
I wonder if this works with caves&cliffs enabled...
very good. it would be interesting if the forests were a little smaller. Even so, this addon is very useful.