Published on January 16, 2023 (Updated on May 18, 2024)

Nico's Cave Expansion (v1.6)

Discover more features underground. Nico's Cave Expansion is an add-on will expand your underground exploration by adding a new variety of caves. This add-on will also add new mobs, blocks, plants, foods, and equipment.

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Version: 1.6

"New Additional & Changes"


  • Updated for compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.81.
  • Added a subpack for scripting events.


  • Fixed the mob breeding, ageing, & taming using a custom items.
  • Most of the mobs will no longer be pathing or routing in the Magma, Lava, Fire, and Soul Fire blocks.


  • Are now a hostile mob.
  • Melee attack damage has increased.
  • Movement speed has increased.
  • Will no longer dealt with fall damage.

Glow Bird:

  • Can now be healed by feeding them berry cookies and any type of berry or seed.
  • Tamed glow birds now have a slightly glowing texture compared to the untamed glow birds.
  • Spawn rates has increased.

Moss Shroom:

  • Wild moss shroom will now despawn, and tamed moss shroom will no longer despawn. Also, it will no longer path on magma the block.
  • Improved their napping behavior, will no longer awake when there are any aquatic mobs nearby.
  • Ambient sound has changed.

Mossy Skeleton:

  • Can now have a chance to drop a moss sprouts.
  • Tamed mossy skeleton will no longer teleport to their owner when they are far away. But they will still follow their owner, who is 16 blocks away.

Myceling & Glowceling:

  • Will no longer be healable and ageable using crops other than berries.
  • Improved their napping behavior, will no longer awake when there are any aquatic mobs nearby.


  • Melee attack damage has increased.
  • Will now take less damage from lava.


  • Moss Sprouts vegetation rate in Mosshroom Cave has increased.
  • Heated Netherrack patch generation rate has decreased.


  • Custom slabs can now be double slabbed when placing the same type of slab.
  • Improved custom stairs placement when placing them on the side-face of the block.
  • Improved custom slab placement, they will now display the correct UV texture of the block after being placed.
  • Glowcelium Sprouts - can now be used as fuel.
  • Mycelium Sprouts - can now be used as fuel.
  • Small Moss Sprouts - can be fertilized using glowcelium bonemeal.
  • Fixed the polished limestone slab breaking drop.
  • Fixed the polished marble slab breaking drop.
  • Fixed the rose quartz slab breaking drop.
  • Fixed the rose quartz stairs breaking drop.


  • Fixed the item durability for not being able to damaged.
  • Fixed the food effects for not applied after consuming the food or drinks.
  • Olivine armors are now glowing in the dark.
  • Moss Berry can now also be planted on top of podzol & mycelium blocks. And it can no longer be used as fuel.
  • Fixed the custom swords for being able to dig fast the soil blocks instead of leaves, bamboo, and cobwebs.


  • Added the barrel recipes using a mosshroom planks and mosshroom slabs.

Known Issues:

  • Raw ores don't spawn an Xp orb after smelting.

"On scripting events only!"


  • All the custom blocks and custom item function events are now run by scripting.


  • Custom minerals will no longer drop an XP orb when you mine them with a 'Silk Touch' enchantment tool.
  • Ores and fossils will now only drop minerals if you mine them with a pickaxe.
  • Active Heated Netherrack will no longer be triggered when the player is stepping on it while sneaking.
  • Moss Berry plant will now grow faster when it is planted in farmland.


  • Improved item durability damage calculation. Using an item in an inappropriate way will now increase the durability damage.


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can you add a mob that's look like a dinosaur in the mossy cave? either tamable or hostile to make it more exciting to go there?
is there any particular reason that brass and bronze sword deals 7 damage which is 1 more damage than iron?
Tired your addon on old gen xbox (server) current version of minecraft 1.20.62 been testing this addon for a few hours can't seem to get it to work either by separate files or the (server) zip files. No caves, no new gear, or ores. The only thing that does show up are the spawn eggs in creative. Looks cool but i can't get it work.
How do I get Netherite in this addon? I've been digging for days for the right coordinate in the nether and I simply can't find it because only the new addon blocks appear
I found a bug, all add-on blocks have buged texture.
Dear author,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to reach out and express my admiration for the high-quality add-on package you have created for Minecraft. It has gained significant popularity among Minecraft players in China, and as a software development team based in China, we would like to request your permission to reprint and share your add-on package on our Minecraft resource software.

We assure you that we will fully reproduce all the content of the add-on package interface, including the original post address and your relevant contact information. We will not use direct download links. Additionally, we will convey any relevant suggestions and feedback from Chinese players directly to you.

If you require any further information or have any concerns, please feel free to contact me via Messenger under the name 徐凌寒. We understand the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and will not proceed with any transfer or distribution of the add-on package until we have obtained your explicit permission.

Thank you for considering our request, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Paite team
Please fix your cave generation, the ores do spawn; albeit VERY rarely. And I've not seen any new cave generation whatsoever. This mod has alot of potential, please fix it
I hope this version actually works. The previous version only added limestone and marble deposits, both of which were rare. When limestone spawned, it spawned a lot of it (like andesite or diorite amounts, which was fine) but marble only spawned a small amount and was very rare. I never saw any "new caves" or anything else either.
are the caves normally supossed to be hard to find?
Can i install this mod in an already existant world?
Does it work with version 1.20.12?
I don't want stuff, I just want caves.
Las Armas de los nuevos minerales y algunas partes de armadura no tienen sus iconos, faltan algunas texturas, podrias revisarlo? esperare la siguiente actualizacion.