Published on November 05, 2021 (Updated on December 28, 2021)

More Tree Variants (v1.3)

More Tree Variants is mod that will make the trees appear more natural and wild looking trees. If you want to make your world look more interesting and adventures, this maybe the one you need.

More Tree Variants



Video Trailer: More Tree Variants (v1.2) | Minecraft


This mod will add a bunch of tree variants in Minecraft trees, by modifying the tree features. The tree generation may not change at all, from spawn rates or spawning place. Expect the Taigas Forest that adds more tiny trees and bushes.

Most of the trees may appear in different forms like; large, small, mega, tall, branched, and even bush form. This mod does not add any new types of tree or block. Also, this mod are compatible with most of the other mods or add-ons.



Oak Trees:

Oak Trees with Beehive:


Swamp Oak Trees:


Birch Trees:


Dark Oak Trees:


Jungle Trees:


Acacia Trees:


Spruce Trees:



There are 2 options you can find to toggle when you activated this mod. The options will modify the type of varieties you want, if it just a default variant or a taller variant.

"Default Tree Variants"
- In this option, the trees will have more varieties and with their average height.

"Taller Tree Variants"
- In this option, the trees will have same varieties like the default. But, it has more height.



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Remove the old pack before installing the new version.

If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don't forget to give a credit and put the original link (MCPEDL Page).

Select version for changelog:


[Version: 1.3]

• Added new thumbnail.
• Removed the super mega tree variant of both jungle & spruce tree.
• Adjusted the weight value of spruce tree variants.
• Adjusted the weight value of acacia tree variants.
• Adjusted the height value of birch trees in 'Taller Tree Variants' subpack.
• Recoded some data files.


Download Guide:

1. Click the download option below "More Tree Variants (v1.3)".

2. You're leaving, just click the "Click here to continue" below. This will go you through Linkvertise site.

3. Verify  that you are not a robot by checking the mark box "I'm not a robot".

4. Find & click the "Free Access with Ads".

5. Click the "Discover interesting articles", ads will pop-up. Wait for 10 seconds and then click the "X" button above.

6. After that, click the "Continue" button, this will processed you to Mediafire Site.

7. In Mediafire, click the download button to download the file.



Don't forget to turn on the "Custom Biomes" in the experimental gameplay option:


Supported Minecraft versions

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4 / 5 (7 votes)
addon is broken for windows 10
Pues no son muy bonitas las nuevas variantes de arboles
The leaves of trees with broken trunks do not disappear spontaneously
hey, i was wondering if you could put "Requires Creation of Custom Biomes on" or something of the sort in the in game description of the mod, so i dont have to come here everytime i forget
The giant spruce tree has a mistake.
The trees all look very lovely! 💖
This my facebook from Philippines by the way
Hello niko the kid!

Did you have an FACEBOOK ACCOUNT or an YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Can you reply the name of yours on this comment cause i just to talk to you about your mod and i just also want to request to you some nature related mod that i know you can make

Sorry for my way i talk to you but maybe you can hear me out.. please 🙏🙏🙏 thank you if you reply i appreciate your effort promise or if you are curious you can check my facebook account if my word is not so convincing to you
Hi Jjr_207!

Thank you for your comments I appreciate it. I have a Facebook account & page, and also a YouTube channel, you can find it here:

You can send me a message there, if you have any questions or suggestion.

Btw I'm from Philippines too.
I don't understand why I couldn't see any link in the comment section.
If you can't see my link here, just click my MCPEDL account, you can find there my social media accounts.
Activate the "Creation of Custom Biomes" in experimental option. I forget to add it in the description.
Hello is this existing world friendly
And does this require experimental features?
I really like the trees but if you made them thinner it would be great
What experimantal options do we need to make it work?
Se ve increíble, he estado buscando un addon así por mucho tiempo, será compatible con acantilados?
Ya lo probé y si es compatible, que bien!!
Necesitamos activar algunas otras opciones experimentales?