Published on February 27, 2022 (Updated on October 20, 2022)

Nico's Item Expansion (v1.4)

This mod will add more food, drinks, weapon, armor, and other miscellaneous item that may be useful for your survival game. Plus, new table, pot and recipes for un-craftable item.

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Version: 1.4

New Additional


  • Added Snow Block function in both Copper & Iron Evaporator.
  • Added Ice Block function in both Copper & Iron Evaporator.
  • Added Packed Ice Block function in both Copper & Iron Evaporator.
  • Added Blue Ice Block function in both Copper & Iron Evaporator.


  • Added Cooked Pufferfish
  • Added Cooked Tropical Fish
  • Added Magma Club
  • Added Seagrass Stew


  • Added new Dripstone Club recipe using Mangrove Planks.
  • Added new Woodem Club recipe using Mangrove Planks.

Changes & Fixing

  • Updated and fixed to get compatible for Minecraft version 1.19.30.
  • Fixed the Artifacture Table deactivating time.
  • Fixed the Artifacture Table light emission.
  • Fixed the Evaporator interaction.
  • Fixed the Evaporator time.
  • Fixed the Evaporator (with Lava) light emission.
  • Fixed the Jar of Glow Berry Juice light emission.
  • Fixed the Spore Pot light emission.
  • Fixed the Spore Pot particles emitting.
  • Fixed the Chain Links recipe on crafting table.
  • Bamboo Tumbler with Glow Berry Juice are now have a small light emission.
  • Copper Axe can now dig faster the Dark Oak Sign.
  • Copper Axe can now dig faster the Fletching Table.
  • Copper Pickaxe can now dig faster the Redstone Ore.
  • Increased the night vision effect of Glow Berry Pie, from "0:25:" to "0:45".


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I don't know if this is a known issue or if there is a known fix, but for me and my friends, the new evaporators, spore pots, and the artifacture table don't show up in the creative menu or the survival crafting menu. This was tested both in a singleplayer world and a multiplayer one (not a Realm though). I can add evaporators with things in them (cheese, salt, etc.) via the console, but right clicking on them gives you the item inside infinitely since there does not appear to be any empty evaporator block.
Tablet not working even when activating with a amethyst shard. Because the UI doesn't show up.
I can't get the tablet UI to show up even with the requirements met. For some reason.
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ok, this is really really cool, but for the jars personally, I think it would make more sense to use a button for the crafting recipe (:
also, could you update it for 1.19
One copper ingot equals one copper scrap but a copper block which is nine copper ingots only makes 4 o.O...... just craft copper block back into nine ingots then craft to nine copper scrap.
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
U really enjoy use others works to earn money for u?
I can't make nether powder, please fix or update to 1.19 thanks
Awesome everything worked correctly and i downloaded the other mods for the better experience
The artifacture table is broken in the newest version of minecraft
that table is working in 1.18.31.
did u activate it with an amethyst shard?
The behavior pack doesnt work for me it keeps failing to import. The resource pack seems to import just fine tho. (im on pc btw)
Same is happening to me
Thats happens to me, but for nicos blocks
It seems all right
This addon is quite unique, looks cool.
Estaría genial una receta para crear pólvora