Published on October 14, 2021 (Updated on November 05, 2022)

Mine Helper V2.1 [Addon for 1.17+, 1.18+, 1.19+]

*Robot Bodyguards *Transportation by Land and Water *Extra Mobile Inventory 
*In this update, you will be able to enjoy a lighter plugin with optimized models and textures. Your helper robots now have new enemies that you must defeat and gain much more experience.
Mine helper robots are 10, and will help you to storage farmed resources and protecting you from any enemy, no matter how strong it is.
In addition, you can use these robots as a transport on land or water, because they are very fast and resistant. They can climb mountains and go through very dangerous places.
The best thing about this, is that you can get the entities and resources of this addon in survival mode!

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-The addon was was updated and optimized to be functional in new versions. Modify the existing entity models, and textures.
-Added 2 new robot enemies that spawn in the overworld and nether.
-Changed the crafting recipes.
-Incorporated new original sounds and animations to entities.
-Changed effects to players.

-Changed health and attack values ​​of entities


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We hope more Minecraft players will be happy!
Hello mate, you can only reprint my post if you attach my MCPEDL or Linkvertisse download links and give me credits. Do not attach other types of links or direct downloads.
"sole" and said "not for business or embezzlement", what a joke 🙃
Is it possible to put the helper in a standby state?
In the new update. Yes, you can friend. :)