Published on September 09, 2021 (Updated on September 07, 2021)

Aquarium Lobby: Protected and Indestructible

Does it happen to you that when you open a server your visitors destroy your lobby? When friends enter your survival maps, do they always fight in your Lobby causing destruction?I present you this design of an Aquarium Lobby that could solve your problems, and avoid the constant reconstruction of your Lobby, it is built without the use of add-ons, in android, version 1.17.11 of Minecraft Bedrock.Designed in an infinite world, in a seed and coordinates specially chosen so that users are close to most of the biomes available in the most current version.You can play this generic Vanilla map in survival mode alone or with friends, on or off a server, as in any survival map. The only thing that changes is its Lobby, which will allow you to manage visits more efficiently, without neglecting the order and care of your world spawn area.

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