Published on February 01, 2021 (Updated on February 01, 2021)

Minecraft, But Every Block Turns To Concrete

In this world, Everywhere you walk, blocks will turn to concrete. Grass will turn into terracotta, sand, water, and even leaves! I have no idea how you and your friends will face this challenge, But it sure will be lots of fun! Thank you! Make sure to leave a comment about anything!

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More detailed description added, and bug fixed in the world itself. Now when you walk, every block in a 7 block square radius changes.


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Literally impossible but okay
This would cause a ton of frustration to players, but good addon!
Imagine you saw 9 diamond ore on the floor and you walk there to mine but they turned into terracotta, that would be frustrating.
uhh... those are glazed terracotta blocks boi not concrete blocks...