Published on April 29, 2021 (Updated on April 29, 2021)

Electric Neon PvP Remade

THIS TEXTURE PACK WAS MADE ORIGINALLY BY MR.MCYEETUS!! This texture pack is insane for PVP, bedwars, treasure wars, and almost every competitive game you can do in Minecraft! This pack focuses on the color neon blue, and has a glowing-like fashion. I remade this pack and added minor details, as you will see below. It includes short swords, Chinese symbols ex. 汉 on wool and carpet, and a neon glow on Fishing rods, bows, water buckets, shields, flint and steel, ender pearls, enchanted golden apples, diamond armor, elytra, tridents, crossbows, tools, and totems of undying.


The original is

The first time I tried it I felt like a streamer or youtuber, because I felt the PVP game was much smoother.

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Made it to mcpack, nothing to the actual pack itself.



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This pack is awesome and the remake even more!
What if you added something for crystal pvp?
That would be fantastic!
nice remake