Published on February 29, 2020 (Updated on December 19, 2020)

Minecraft Challenges (Multi-packs) [v1.16+]

Surpass your limits, right here right now with Minecraft Challenges! Seek higher shelter from the dangerous lava, walk along a single path, and more challenges awaits. Can you be able to finish them all?

created by: r4isen1920

version: v4.1

Available Challenges

These are the challenges available for you to try! Each with their corresponding unique mechanics and challenges for you to tackle on your own– or with friends!

Featuring these types of challenges:

  • Survive: do not die until the very end of the challenge.
  • Complete the Game: defeat the Ender Dragon while the challenge is active.
  • Endless: just play for as long as you'd like.

Lava Rises Every Minute

This one features a great challenge while still giving a simple mechanic and rules. Perfect for players that are conscious about time, or may be good at parkour or passing different obstacles just to reach the highest point and survive for as long as it can; Or may be just to be thrilled and have fun!

Objective: Survive for as long as you can, until the lava level reaches up to 255 block height limit tall.

Certain mobs drop Fire Resistance potions, in exchange for some of their normal loot(s).

Single-Line Only

This challenge features a new thrilling way to your new Minecraft adventure! With its mechanics, players who may be strategic with their platforming or in movement can enjoy this challenge!

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Do not start the game with two players in that axis, otherwise it would overlap and someone could be stuck forever.

Works with Multiplayer: up to 5 players only in a LAN or Local World, look around to choose an Axis, Sneak to Confirm the Axis.

Randomness Every Single Minute

Probably designed for players who is ever been so curious. Fall into a pit, get striked by a lightning, attacked by a horde of Zombies, or even just get a random Diamond, and 36 other random outcomes awaits you!

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Hardcore Mode 

Players who know whats into the game, probably more than anybody else. Designed to have a great parity between Java and Bedrock. Already released into the wild, available to download on a different page!

Objective: Try and complete the game, by defeating the Ender Dragon without dying once!

Hardest difficulty only, and one life only!

Visit to Download: MCPEDL link.

Everywhere You Look, Explodes

Keeping up on track? This challenge should be just right for you! Because it's simple: wherever you look, explodes. Another thing in mind is that blowing stuff up, wether you like it or not is another fun thing. You can do quite more stuff just by looking into the Ender Dragon, and then easily defeat it.

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

You Jump, You Explode 

Very similar to that one above, but this time, its on your very own feet! You can even boost yourself up by continously jumping up like so. However, it can be annoying as you'd limit your movements everytime just so that you dont explode.

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

We are Stucked Together (WAST)

Limit your movements, and work together! The world's host will control the allowed radius, and you must be in that radius– otherwise you'd die instantly! Perfect in multiplayer.

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft Manhunt

Be the speedrunner who tries to complete the game, or the hunter that prevents the speedrunner from doing that. Will you be up for the challenge either way?

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon; or kill the speedrunner.

Visit to Download: MCPEDL link.

Everywhere You Look, Turns into Random Blocks

Add a sense of randomization to your sight! It can even turn wherever you're looking to into those rare Netherite blocks– that is, if you can mine them afterwards. Progress the game and be lucky enough!

Objective: Complete the challenge by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft Block Shuffle

Stand on the block that has been tasked to you within 10 minutes. It could be ANY block in the game– although, some are not included. Play with friends to see who finds their block first or the fastest! Can you be able to stand on the block on time?

Objective: Stand on the tasked block on time. Whether you fail or not, another round will begin after the time ends or if all the players in your world finds their block.

Challenge Ideas


A Youtuber known as Dream creates plugins/datapacks in Java that has inspired me to create this challenges.

Please check his channel out!

Request a Challenge

Visit this link to submit a form and request or suggest a nice challenge idea! 

Video Demo

This demo shows the latest challenge Block Shuffle as I try to gather resources, and stand on my block on time:


  • Bugs are expected, furthermore, I don't recommend tampering with the commands even though you are able to. These challenges are meant to be played, not edited or modified.
  • Good luck and have fun! Tested in the full release version, and not the beta version.

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated download links. (A A A A A A A A A)


  • Recommended 1+ GB of free memory (RAM).

This download link contains all challenges! It will import every challenge in one go, just pick a challenge you want and apply it to your world. Note that you can only apply one challenge at a time!


Supported Minecraft versions

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i have an idea for a challenge but i cant use the form idk why, so here it is
its a 3 player game mode where at the start everyone is assigned a colour at random: red, green or blue. the task is to work together and defeat the ender dragon but you cant touch anything that is your colour if you have any questions i believe there is a java plugin and video of it on channel Booser
i cant download it- the link is broken??
Request randomized block drops I can’t find any mods for that please make it
01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 June 11, 2021 at 12:03 pm
Can you update it to 1.17?
How do I change the challenges? Do I need to look for Resolutions?
01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 June 11, 2021 at 12:04 pm
Type /function 8n the chat and it should sh9w the other challenges
I love this. I always play Block Shuffle with my brother with this addon
Add timer function if you can
Does this work on xbox because i downloaded it went to mc and it wasnt in my behaviour/resource packs
Like it! Also could u search up the utuber wisp and do some of his vid challenges...?
tried with my girlfriend and it was extremely fun!

I wish you add more challenges such as Hard Mobs or Half a heart only
Just because you will never be loved and are forever alone, doesn't mean that you should criticize people because they are attracted to someone
does it give all of the mods in one and you can select the mod you like?
good addon! but shudent you give credits to dream? cuz u have that much dream photos XD
great addon, absolutely loved it!
Thank you! I am glad that you have enjoyed it :)
Pls help me I really want that ??????????
I got now I just download mods for Minecraft and search Minecraft challenge
Just click the download button, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

You will learn as you continue. :)
Is this for android?
Because I download it and it not open Minecraft it say can't open file
Please use a different file manager to be able to open .MCADDON /. MCPACK files.

I recommend downloading the ZArchiver app from the Google Play Store.