Published on August 18, 2020 (Updated on December 19, 2020)

Minecraft Manhunt for Bedrock (Add-On) [1.16 only]

Be the speedrunner that tries and defeats the game, or the hunter that prevents that from happening! Play with your friends, that supports multiple hunters. Will you be up for the challenge as the speedrunner?

created by: r4isen1920 (Original Idea by Aliom) / Inspired from Dream (YouTuber)

version: v2.1

Game Mechanics

The original idea is created by Dream, you will learn more about it as you watch his video:

There are two roles in this game:

  • Speedrunner: tries to beat the game by defeating the Ender Dragon without dying once by any means; and
  • Hunter: tries to stop the speedrunner from completing the game!

Starting the Game

You can use the items in your hotbar to navigate on available options. Once you have selected the speedrunner and there's enough players, you can start the game by punching while holding the green item as shown above.

Picking The Speedrunner

Use the yellow items on the hotbar to select the speedrunner. Only one speedrunner can be chosen. You can select the speedrunner in three different ways:

  1. Select Self: select yourself as the speedrunner;
  2. Random Player: select a random player for you; and
  3. Punch to Select: select the player you punch.

Settings / Options

Select an item then punch to change its settings. You can also go back to the main menu, or reset the settings back to default. The following options are available:

  • Change game difficulty: setting it to 'peaceful' may affect collection of Blaze powders as Blaze's only spawn at 'easy' difficulty or higher;
  • Toggle timer: enable and set the timer to one hour or disable it. One hour is only the option for now.
  • Keep inventory: toggle 'keepInventory' gamerule. When enabled, hunters will not lose their items when they respawn.
  • Grace period: grants the speedrunner from any harm against hunters for 2 minutes upon the timer starts.
  • Headstart: toggles whether to give additional time for speedrunners before the hunters are released, or not.

Juggernaut Mode

Juggernaut mode is another fun mode to play with. Hunters are given full diamond gear (armor with a diamond sword), but has a longer (40-second) headstart given for speedrunners.

To play this mode, sneak while holding the start item, and it will reveal the ominous red-looking item for you to use.

Juggernaut Mode Mechanics

Here's Dream trying to complete the game, while being chased by his friend Sapnap.

Video Demo

Here's an in-game demo of the add-on itself:

Select version for changelog:

  • Updated download links. (A A A A A A A A)


  • Recommended 1+ GB of free memory (RAM).
  • Not tested if it works on beta.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

use media fire please linktiverse is confusing
bruhmoment1230349857 March 28, 2021 at 9:05 am
Can I do it with only one hunter and one speed runner?
Why do you always put dreams picture? However great addon
Why not? Its for the click rate ;)
i dont know how how to make two hunters
This pack is great, I was just wondering how you did the thing when you break a hunters bed they slept in you go back to worldspawn
Hello, I love this addon but I have a problem.
When I download the pack I get the 1.1 version and not the 1.2
Please fix.?
Perxach Jarc can be a name for PErxeus
I have issues where I can select a SpeedRunner but can't start a game on Dedicated Server.
Hey the mod is super cool, i like the setting a lot, but I’m having problems.

When I play with friends I get this infinite speed boost, sleeping on beds crashes the game, and if the Runner kills me or anyone they spawn in right next to them.
Thank you for your report. The said bugs will be fixed for the next update.
this legit looks like the best manhunt addon I've ever seen.