Published on September 18, 2022 (Updated on September 17, 2023)

BestGamer’s Minecraft Overhaul (New Update!)

Honestly, I enjoy vanilla Minecraft survival, but there’s a lot of changes I would personally make to it. Lot’s of removed or unused content I would like to bring into the game, plenty of general quality of life features, and especially more End content. So that’s what my goal is for this addon! It’ll try to improve your experience across all 3 dimensions, with new blocks, mobs, ores, structures and more! There’s quite a lot to go through with this so I’ve separated each dimension into it’s own section. Get ready for a deep dive!

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1.4.0 UPDATE (Splitting and Packaging):


*New blocks: Magma Cream Block, Strata (Stairs, Slab and Wall), Side Mushrooms, Chiseled Prismarine, Lepidolite Bismuth Ore

*New items: Echo Mirror, Raw/Cooked Bass, Bucket of Bass, Shattered Mirror, Coral Crusher, Splash Potions for the custom potions, Void Striker, End Brick

*New mobs: Dripstone Hob, Bass, Necromancer

*Added Blossom Sanctum, Dripstone Dungeon, Twisted Ruins and Topaz Trap structures



*Due to popular request, the addon has now been split up into several different packages that each add features for a different dimension. This can make the addon size way smaller if you only want features for the Nether or End for example, just download those individual packages. If you don't mind all the features in one, there is still a full package with features from all 3 dimensions

*Changed textures of Sanguine Sprouts, Stripped Palm Wood, Twisting Nebula, Immutable Slush, Mithril Reaper and Shroomlight Bug

*Dolphins, Cats and Ocelots can now be fed Raw Bass

*When fishing in Jungle, Desert, Badlands, Beach or Mooshroom Island biomes, you can catch Raw Bass as fish

*Palm Trees are now made of palm wood, not jungle wood anymore, and will spawn less often

*Trapper Germs are now obtained from brushing suspicious blocks in Ocean or Trail Ruins, since custom behaviour edits to the Sniffer are broken

*Reworked Knife of Eternity: instead of leeching health from mobs on hit, it spawns a noxious bubble that bursts and damages mobs

*Roxens now only spawn in lush caves

*Added new sound effects for Volatile Shroom and Twisting Nebula

*Custom structures with containers now draw loot from a custom loot table, so they won't have the same items in them everytime

*Reduced spawn rate of Basalt Giants and gave them new idle particles

*Blastlings can no longer teleport and have improved AI

*Changed recipe of Topaz Bricks, to use End Brick items instead of End Stone

*Stone Masons may now trade Strata in exchange for Emeralds, and Fishermen can trade Bass

*Increased/decreased health and damage of some mobs

*Tweaked generation in some existing structures, for example most structures that had mob spawners before no longer do but onstead directly spawn with the mobs

*Updated structure generation tables to match the new versions with increased chances to find certain enchanted books

Removed Camels dropping items or spawning with Villagers on them, since custom behaviour edits to Camels are broken

*Updated download process to add Linkvertise links, letting you support my work

*Fixed Palm Saplings growing into weird looking palm trees with missing leaves, and the tree not growing where the sapling was

*Fixed the recipes for some of the long custom potions not working


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Pinned comment
Definitely a great addon to make Minecraft more content rich with vanilla feeling features, the new update is great
this is by far one of my favorite mods, although there is one change I would like-- I feel like zombie horses should only attack horses and donkeys, seeing as zombies only attack players and villagers, that is all
and zombie horses could still attack players
المود لا يعمل 😓
This is amazing but I have a question. How do I update it to the reset update. I downloaded both files but it’s still telling me I need 1.3.4
It's a good overall but not for everyone. If there was an option to only choose specific stuff such as in my case excluding:

nether & end add ons
deep dark add ons,
mithral armor/ore
those ore giving mobs

And include the rest of the other overworld changes. of course you likely are not going to do this but if they could just be in separate files or you give us directions on how to do that it would be better than never downloading any files for you and not enjoying a good addon due to specific changes we don't like
are we able to disable some features? there is much i like but some i dont and if i dont have to deal with certain features id like it even better personally.
It's good, but the camels don't drop meat or the pelt anymore can you fix that if possible
For some reason, sniffers never dig trapper germs. I hope you can fix this
It's cus the sniffers are bugged right now so you can't change them using add-ons anymore for some reason
for some reason your add-on does not work on Realms cool
Its actually such a cool addon! It adds a lot of interesting things. My only problem with the current version is that mining the new blocks that this addon added is super slow, no matter what the tool that we use. And also, maybe lessen the spawning rate of custom nether mobs? All in all, it's such a good addon. Keep it up!
This comment has been removed
Eating a piece of sunken flesh twice will crash you
Very good mod, feels like one that you could do an entire let’s play with since a lot of the features fit in well with vanilla Minecraft
Can you add a custom wiki using the "how to play" UI ? 😊