Published on September 23, 2020 (Updated on September 23, 2020)

Mob Trophies! (100+ NEW BLOCKS!)

A fine addition to my collection.... This addon adds over 100 new Trophies for you to collect! Grab your sword, some food, and head out on an adventure for Trophies!

Please read the description before downloading. Thank you.

This addon is currently only supported in beta,  and possibly later betas.

You must turn on Experimental Add-On Features under Experimental Gameplay for this pack to work.

This addon adds a Trophy for (almost) ALL MOBS in the game!

Try to collect all Trophies! They are super rare drops from mobs. This creates a new challenge: you'll have to venture around your world, and collect all of them. Trophies are dropped by most mobs upon death, and they must be killed by a player.

Trophies are separated into 4 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. As of this version, there are no Epic trophies available.

Trophies have a higher chance of dropping from pet mobs! Here is a chart that tells you the chance of a Trophy dropping from a mob:

  • Common Trophies are highlighted in Light Gray,
  • Uncommon Trophies are highlighted in Yellow,
  • Rare Trophies are highlighted in Light Blue, and
  • Epic Trophies are highlighted in Purple.
  • Trophies that are not yet available are highlighted in Lime.

Having Looting on your Sword increases the chance of a Trophy dropping by 2% each level.

Common Trophies

Common Trophies are relatively the easiest trophies to get. Common monsters and animals are put into this category.  As these mobs are common to find, their drop rates are pretty low. One exception being the Zombie Horse Trophy, as it cannot be obtained in survival without commands.

Uncommon Trophies

Uncommon Trophies drop from mobs that are relatively harder to find. Most of these mobs only spawn in particular biomes, or in special occasions. Some mobs have a higher drop rate. The Villager and Wandering Trader Trophies can be obtained via trading. More on that later.

Rare Trophies

Rare Trophies are the hardest to find, just a bit more common than bosses, which drop Epic Trophies (not implemented in Version 1.0). These mobs spawn in rare biomes. Some are hard to kill. Some only spawn in special occasions and can be hard to find. The drop rates for these mobs are also pretty low. The Agent Trophy can be obtained via trading. More on that later.

Epic Trophies

Epic Trophies are the hardest to get. Only bosses drop them, and you can't get them every time. Ender Dragon Trophies have a 50% chance (1 in 2) of dropping. Wither Trophies have only a 25% chance (1 in 4). Epic Trophies are not yet present in this version. 

Trading to get Trophies

The Villager, Wandering Trader, and Agent (a mob from Education Edition, unused in Bedrock) Trophies can only be obtained via trading.

Wandering Trades now have 8 trades instead of 5. This is to make the chance of Trophy trades appearing higher.

^ A max level Tool Smith Villager has a chance of offering a Villager Trophy for 50 emeralds.

^ A Wandering Trader has a chance of offering a Wandering Trader Trophy for 50 emeralds.

^ A Wandering Trader has a chance of offering an Agent Trophy for 50 emeralds and 50 iron ingots.


-These mobs do not have their own Trophy(ies) as of this version:

  • Blaze
  • Elder Guardian
  • Enderman
  • Ender Dragon
  • Sheep
  • Shulker
  • Slime
  • Stray
  • Witch
  • Wither

-These mobs have modelling errors, but their Trophy is still available in this version. This will be fixed in a future update:

  • Spider
  • Drowned

-Due to technical reasons, variants of a mob share the same loot table. This results in, for example, a Jellie Cat dropping  a Tabby Cat Trophy when killed by a player: 

  • All Cats
  • All Pandas
  • All Parrots
  • All Horses, Donkeys & Mules
  • All Rabbits
  • All Llamas
  • Mooshroom & Brown Mooshroom
  • Fox & Arctic Fox
  • Strider & Cold Strider
  • Bee & Angry Bee

-None of the Trophies appear in the Creative Inventory. Please use commands to get them for now. This will be fixed in a future update.

...and that's about it! I hope you have fun with this addon. Let me know what you think in the comments! Thank you!

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  • Added reminder to turn on Experimental Gameplay in Settings in the description.



1. Feel free to change up the files for your own use.

2. You are not allowed to re-distribute this pack anywhere else. If you are showcasing this pack, please put the link to this page and credit me. You are not allowed to set up a new download link!

3. You should always backup your world once in a while when playing. I am not responsible for any loss.

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4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
Bug in the texture of the natural sheep that is generated in the world, also in other mobs
Very good, super cool, please update 1. 17 or 1.18
please I need warden , wither and blaze trophy
Is this compatible with other mods?
I think so it will work
Please add warden,goat and axolotl trophy
warden is only in java rn
no it is going to add in december
Can we get player ones from jumping into the end portal in the end or killing another player?
can i have a link for 1.16 beta download i dont have beta :(
dude this is awesome cant belive how awesome
Yo bro I really want to try this thing
A small reminder to turn on Experimental Add-On Features under Experimental Gameplay. Thank you!