Beyond the Underground (Ice Caves & More!)

This add-on adds more cave types for you to explore. Be careful of deadly mobs along the way, and you'll be rewarded with valuable goods for you to level-up your gear!

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Version 1.4 (October 20, 2022)

  • New Cave Type: Soul Caverns!
    - These caves generate exclusively in new, giant caverns in the Nether Wastes!
    - These caves are home to the Crooked Forest, with the new Crooked wood type
    - Souls are present almost everywhere in this cave. Watch out for ghostly, wandering Wisps!
  • New Blocks:
    - Crooked Nylium
    - Crooked Fungus
    - Crooked Wart Block
    - Crooked Stem (Normal, Stripped)
    - Crooked Hyphae (Normal, Stripped)
    - Crooked Planks (Normal, Slab, Fence, Fence Gate)
    - Soul Shroomlight
    - Soul Stone
    - Soul Bricks (Normal, Slab, Fence, Chiseled, Cracked)
    - Soul Magma Block
    - Soul Geyser
    - Glowing Obsidian
    - Broken Lava Tank
    - Gold Lava Tank (Empty, Full, Locked)
    - Diamond Lava Tank (Empty, Full, Locked)
    - Glow Lichen Block
  • New Items:
    - Crooked Fungus Stew
    - Soul Fragment
    - Soul Healer
  • New Mob:
    - Wisp
  • New Structure:
    - Soul Castle
  • Changes:
    - Glow Lichen Blocks will now generate in patches across the Overworld.
    - Potions of Decay can now be brewed using Soul Fragments.
    - "Lump of Sand" has been renamed to "Sand Lump".
    - Sand Lumps can now be thrown, dealing 1 damage (0.5 hearts) with 2.5 seconds of Blindness.
    - Sand Lumps are now found in the Equipments tab.
    - Limestone Dungeons now generate slightly less frequently.
    - The item texture of Cobbled Deepslate Pebbles is now brighter, to differentiate it from Deepslate Pebbles.
    - Output messages from Suitcases can now be translated into other languages.
    - Revamped the texture and model of Slimy Blossoms.
    - Slime Dungeons (both variants) now generate with Vines instead of Dripping Slime.
    - Limestone Dungeons now generate with hanging chains with Soul Lanterns instead of Sandy Roots.
    - Ghasts no longer spawn below Y=35 in the Nether Wastes.
    - The Nether Wastes now has enormous caves, similar to those found in the Overworld!
    - This add-on now requires Minecraft 1.19.0 or above to function.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    - Chunks containing Limestone Dungeons & Slime Dungeons no longer stop working, and entities inside these chunks will no longer freeze in place.
    - Luminite Axes now work properly.


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Pinned comment
Hello everyone! I have received multiple reports of issues in 1.19. I am looking into these bugs and working on a fix. Thanks for your patience!
luminite from terraria
Very cool mod,but why can't I find the soul castle? : )
This comment has been removed
Please make this available for realms!
Very cool mod, but my world crashes every time I try to enter Nether realm(in overworld game works stable). Without this mod Nether works normally... Does someone know how to fix it? (Ver. 1.19.30)
Nice addon but with some missing contents

Freezing dagger(available with all wood-netherite)
Make the poison dagger available for wood-netherite
Can you add sandworms in the limestone caves to make it more dangerous
Does this work on dedicated bedrock servers?
Don't work on realm
A little buggy like if you use silk touch on limonite ore it drops luminite shards and the block and it silk touch also duplicates glow mycelium. But overall really cool addon
can you add like a desert cave with lizerds that whold drop scales that you can turn into armor and a big trex that could be like a boss pls let me what you think i love this mod
Bro, could you add caves that are spider nests?, that have different types of spider and even the odd scorpion. You could also make a Honey Slime and Honey Zombie?
¿Cuáles son los problemas al jugarlo en la versión 1.19? Y buen Addon, es el mejor que he visto.
For some reason all entities within a chunk or two of a slime or desert dungeon become frozen in place and cant be interacted with.