Published on May 15, 2021 (Updated on April 28, 2022)

Beyond the Underground (Ice Caves & More!)

This add-on adds more cave types for you to explore. Be careful of deadly mobs along the way, and you'll be able to find valuable ores for you to level-up your gear!

This add-on currently adds 4 new cave types. More will be added in future updates!

Luminous Caverns (Mushroom Caves)

  • These caves generate exclusively under Mushroom Islands
  • This is a peaceful cave with no natural hostile mobs spawning
  • The entire cave is slightly lit up with vegetation!

Vegetation & Foliage

  • Giant Luminous Mushrooms & Giant Gloomy Mushrooms generate in this cave
  • Normal-sized mushrooms generate on the surface
  • Radiant Vines grow from the ground
  • These plants all emit a small amount of light!


  • Luminous Mushroom Stew can be crafted with 1 Bowl, 1 Luminous Mushroom, and 1 Gloomy Mushroom
    • Replenishes 6 hunger points (3 hunger bars)
    • Gives you Night Vision for 15 seconds
  • Mysterious Stew can be crafted with 1 Bowl, 1 Luminous Mushroom, 1 Gloomy Mushroom, 1 Red Mushroom, 1 Brown Mushroom, and 1 Mysterious Fungus
    • Replenishes 3 hunger points (1.5 bars)
    • Gives you 1-2 random effects (selecting from all positive and negative effects)


  • Luminite is a blue gemstone that can be found in Luminous Caverns
  • Luminite Ore generates at Y levels -64 to 12
    • Drops 1-2 Luminite Shards when broken
  • Combine 6 Luminite Shards and 1 Diamond in a Crafting Table to get 1 Luminite
  • Luminite can be used to craft gear!
  • Luminite gear can burn in fire but is invulnerable to explosions
  • Because of how hard to get Luminite is, Luminite gear is slightly better than Netherite gear!


  • Shroom Elves spawns in Luminous Caverns
  • They can be bred using Luminous Mushrooms
  • They spawn in large groups of 4-8
  • They have 8 health (4 hearts) and die almost instantly from lava
  • They run away from the player but can be lured using Luminous Mushrooms
  • They drop 0-2 Luminous Mushrooms when killed
  • Luminous Mooshrooms spawns in Luminous Caverns
  • They can be bred using Wheat
  • Interact with them using:
    • A bucket to get milk
    • A bowl to get Luminous Mushroom Stew
    • Mysterious Fungus first, then a Bowl to get Mysterious Stew
    • Shears to get Luminous Mushrooms. This will turn them into normal cows

Slimy Sewers (Slime Caves)

  • These caves generate exclusively under Swamps
  • This is a very dangerous cave with thick green fog, limiting your render distance

Vegetation & Foliage

  • A layer of Slimy Stone replaces Stone on the surface, which slows you down
  • Slime Layers cover most of the floor
  • Slimy Blossoms and Slimy Sprouts scatter across the cave
  • Sticky Spikes generate on the surface and hurts you when you step on them
  • Slime drips from the ceiling


  • Slime Soup can be crafted with 1 Bowl and 2 Slimeballs
    • Replenishes 3 hunger points (1.5 bars)
    • Gives you Jump Boost II for 8 seconds and Resistance II for 5 seconds
    • Has a 45% chance to also give you Hunger I for 30 seconds and Nausea II for 20 seconds


  • Slimy Zombies spawn in the Slimy Sewers
  • They spawn in large hordes of 4 to 7
  • They have 20 health (10 hearts) like regular zombies
  • They throw Hardened Slimeballs at enemies which deal 7 damage (3.5 hearts) with no armor
  • They drop Rotten Flesh and Hardened Slimeballs when killed
  • Vanilla Minecraft Slimes spawn more frequently here, in groups of 2 to 4
  • Vanilla Minecraft Witches also spawn more frequently here, in groups of 1 to 3


  • Slime Dungeons generate under Swamps between Y=-59 and 47.
    • There are 2 variants: Stone & Deepslate, for their respective Y levels
    • There are 3 spawners, 1 with Slimes, and 2 with Slimy Zombies
    • There is a treasure chest in the middle with valuable loot, including the Slime Dagger (exclusively found here!)
    • Slime Daggers deal 6 seconds of Poison II to any mob attacked using this weapon
  • Here is everything new you can get from the Slimy Sewers.
  • Slime Dungeons are built using Slimy Stone Bricks, Slimy Deepslate Bricks, and Slimy Deepslate Tiles. You can craft them using Slimy Stone and Slimy Deepslate!
  • Slime Lanterns can be crafted using 1 Glowstone and 4 Hardened Slimeballs!

Limestone Caves (Desert Caves)

  • These caves generate exclusively under Deserts
  • This is a very dusty cave with thick yellow fog

Vegetation & Foliage

  • All stone in this cave is replaced with Limestone, Cobbled Limestone, Calcite, and Sandstone
  • Patches of Quicksand occasionally generate
  • Limestone Pebbles, Cobbled Limestone Pebbles, and Sand Layers can be found on the floor
  • Sandy Roots hang from the ceiling


  • Scorpions spawn in the Limestone Caves
  • They spawn in swarms of 2 to 4
  • They have 16 health (8 hearts)
  • They inflict 10 seconds of Poison every attack
  • They drop Raw Scorpion items on death (or Cooked Scorpion items if died in fire or lava)
  • Vanilla Minecraft Husks also spawn more frequently here, in hordes of 2 to 4


  • Raw Scorpion items drop from Scorpions on death
    • Replenishes 1 hunger point (0.5 bars)
    • Gives you Fatal Poison II for 10 seconds, Nausea III for 8 seconds, and Hunger III for 10 seconds
  • Raw Scorpion items can be smelted in a Furnace or Smoker to make a Cooked Scorpion
    • Replenishes 5 hunger points (2.5 bars)
  • Raw Scorpion items can be used to brew Fatal Poison potions.


  • Limestone Dungeons generate under Deserts between Y=6 and 47.
    • There are 4 spawners, 2 with Scorpions, and 2 with Husks
    • There is a treasure chest in the middle with valuable loot, including diamonds, golden apples, and/or enchanted apples
  • Limestone Ruins can be found in Limestone Caves between Y=6 and 47.
    • All ruins have a chest, which contains useful items.
    • There are 6 variants in total. See if you can find them all!
  • Limestone Dungeons & Limestone Ruins are built using Limestone Bricks. You can craft them using Limestone, and there are many other variants as well!

Ice Caves

  • These caves generate exclusively under frozen biomes
  • Ice can be found everywhere, including dripping icicles and ice crystals

Vegetation & Foliage

  • Ice Crystals, Frosted Stone and Frosted Deepslate replaces most stone on the cave surface
  • Crystallized Ice and Blue Ice make up the cave ceiling
  • Pebbles can be found on the floor
  • Icicles drip from the ceiling


  • Penguins spawn in the Ice Caves and on the surface of frozen biomes
  • They spawn in groups of 3 to 5 on the surface and 2 to 4 underground
  • They have 10 health (5 hearts)
  • They cannot be tamed but can be lured and bred using Raw Cod and Raw Salmon
  • Vanilla Minecraft Strays also spawn more frequently here, in armies of 2 to 4


  • Ice Crystal items can be used to brew Freezing potions, which gives you Slowness and Mining Fatigue.


  • Lost Explorer Camps generate under frozen biomes (in ice caves) between Y=-30 and 20.
    • Lost Explorers trade you materials from the surface for things found underground
    • Because of a Minecraft bug, Lost Explorers do not spawn along with the structure. To spawn the Lost Explorer, interact with the Suitcase when holding an Emerald.

Other Blocks

  • Packed Ice Bricks can be crafted using Packed Ice. There is also Chiseled Packed Ice with a snowflake pattern!
  • Pebbles naturally generate here, except for Limestone variants. To craft more pebbles, simply put the respective block into a Stonecutter!

Experimental Toggles

  • You can find the toggles in World Settings under the Game section.
  • These toggles must be turned on:
    • Holiday Creator Features
    • Custom biomes
    • Upcoming Creator Features
    • Molang Features
  • The Wild Update, Vanilla Experiments, and Spectator Mode toggles are optional.
  • Backup your world first if you are turning on these toggles on an existing world!

Known Issues

  • The thick green fog from the Slimy Sewers, the yellow fog from the Limestone Caves and the blue fog from the Luminous Caverns & Ice Caves also appear on the surface.
  • Efficiency can be applied to Luminite tools but there will be no effect. This is a Minecraft bug.
  • Due to technical limitations, Radiant Vines, Dripping Slime, Sandy Roots and Dripping Icicles will not break when a supporting block is broken.
  • Blocks with a custom model (e.g. Radiant Vines & Dripping Icicles) do not get destroyed by water or lava and are not able to be waterlogged.
  • Pick Block does not work on blocks with a custom model. Get them from the inventory instead.
  • Some errors may show up when generating a world. These errors do not affect gameplay in any way and can be safely ignored. To turn off the error log, go to Settings > Creator > turn off “Enable Content Log GUI”.
  • World generation may take a bit longer when this add-on is activated.


This add-on may decrease performance on lower-end and weaker devices.

Please report any bugs you find! Suggestions are also welcome.



  • A massive thank you to everyone who contributed to the pack! Names are listed in alphabetical order.



1. You must NOT share the MediaFire link to the download directly. Always share the link to this MCPEDL page. Do NOT set up a new download link yourself.

2. Credit me if you are using my pack.

3. Contact me for permission before using this add-on in a public modpack. 

4. This add-on does not use player.json.

5. You should always backup your world once in a while when playing. I am not responsible for any loss.

6. This work is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Select version for changelog:


Version 1.3.1 (April 29, 2022)

  • Changes:
    - Luminite Ores now generate more frequently.
    - Baby Shroom Elves are now smaller in size.
    - Changed the texture of Luminous Mushroom Stew for consistency.
    - Witches now spawn in groups of 1-3 in the Slimy Sewers.
    - It is now possible to jump out of 1-block deep Quicksand.
    - Quicksand now generates in deeper patches, up to 2-3 blocks.
    - Entities now sink faster in Quicksand.
    - Changed the texture of Polished Limestone to better match vanilla.
    - Quicksand now generates in deeper patches, up to 2-3 blocks.
    - Entities now sink faster in Quicksand.
    - Changed the texture of Polished Limestone to better match vanilla.
    - Ice Crystals can now be crafted using 3 Ice Shards.
    - Radiant Vines, Dripping Slime, Sandy Roots, and Dripping Icicles can now be moved by pistons and do not break.
    - Sand Layers now generate in Limestone Caves.
    - This add-on now requires Minecraft 1.18.0 or above to function.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    - Reduced lag, especially when generating new chunks for the first time
    - Entities and their animations no longer get overridden by other add-ons that have the same mob.
    - Luminite Ore now breaks at the correct speed.
    - Luminous & Gloomy Mushrooms can now be placed on Rooted Dirt, Moss Blocks, and all types of Nylium.
    - Bone Meal will now be used when growing Luminous & Gloomy Mushrooms.
    - Luminite Helmets now only accept helmet enchantments.
    - Mobs can now pathfind correctly on Slimy Stone and Slimy Deepslate.
    - Quicksand now works correctly in 1.18.30+ and no longer throws errors.
    - Radiant Vines, Dripping Slime, Sandy Roots, and Dripping Icicles now work correctly in 1.18.30+ and no longer throws errors.
    - Slimy Stone Bricks, Slimy Deepslate Bricks, and Slimy Deepslate Tiles now require a pickaxe to obtain.
    - Packed Ice Bricks (including variants) & Chiseled Packed Ice now drop themselves when broken.
    - Pebbles now generate correctly across the Overworld.


To get through the Linkvertise page, follow these instructions:

1. After clicking on the download link in MCPEDL, you should see this screen. Click on "Click here to continue".

2. Wait 5 seconds, then click on "Free Access with Ads".

3. Click on "Discover interesting articles".

4. A popup will appear with articles. You do not need to read any articles. Click on the cross at the top right corner and wait 5 seconds. After that, click on the cross again.

5. The popup should close. Now, click on "Continue". You should be brought to the MediaFire download screen.

Monetising my content helps support me so I can continue working on packs like this one. Thank you for the support!


You need to download and activate both the Resource and Behavior pack for the add-on to work.


Make a backup of your world before updating to a newer version of the add-on!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Will the caves generate in my world when I add the addon or should I make a new world??
This addon seems so cool! I wouldn't mind some miniboss tho, I may get it!
Is the fog in swamp in desert from this? It’s really annoying
Yes. You can remove the fog by deleting the “fogs” folder in the resource pack. The fog is there to make caves more mysterious and add to the immersion.
Oh that was fast, ty
Super Shark Gaming April 30, 2022 at 9:13 am
Can't wait to try it out! This will be epic!
Realms Support?
I downloaded it specifically for realms and was disappointed 😂
This is because experimental toggles aren’t present on Realms, which are required for the add-on to work. (I can’t do anything about this) You can try enabling them on a normal world first, then uploading that to your Realm.
making the world with experimental first does work. However it will fail to upload the pack unless you change the manifest file which his what I had to do
I have them on the world and have other addons that need them so idk
Can you make this for 1.17. Cas us in Edu minecraft are still in 1.17 so if you can do that Thanks but if you can't thats fine 😊💖
This add-on is not meant to be played on Education Edition. Please use the normal Bedrock Edition instead.
Mods like this sadly don't work because education edition doesn't have experimental toggles, and sadly I looked at the education forums and I don't think mojang will ever add experimental toggles to education edition.
all the blocks and items in the creative menu disappeared and the blocks all say updeate on them after the 1.18.30 update
had the same issue, but it should be fixed now
Hello. The new 1.3.1 update should have resolved this issue. Please update to that version. Thanks!
Hello everyone,

I am aware that Quicksand does not work in 1.18.30. This is due to technical changes made by Minecraft. Quicksand will be fixed in the next Beyond The Underground update.
This is awesome!!!
Can you please tell me a seed and the coordinates of the Luminous Caverns.
You can use the Mushroom Island seed in the seed picker (click on the arrow next to the seed box)
not compatible with realms
Unfortunately that is a Realms issue so I can’t do anything about it.
Didn't even know that this addon exist until the update it looks cool i will try it
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Stalagmite golems are a cool idea. Thank you!
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