Published on August 23, 2020 (Updated on April 12, 2023)

Item Info+

More stats are now shown on item names, using simple and easy-to-understand icons! See a mob's HP, mob hostility, banner & firework pattern icons, what tool enchantments can be used on, foods' hunger & saturation points, armor points, potion stats, and more!

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Version 1.11 (March 30, 2023)

  • Changes and Additions:
    - The stats of potions are now displayed in the item names of potions!
    - Added a short description to each icon style.
    - Light Level Icons now have a completely new look!
    - Added a colored border to all mob hostility icons.
    - Updated the design of the Maximum Durability icon and Harmful Food Warning icon.
    - Updated the design of the star icon for showing what tools an enchantment can be applied to.
    - Updated the design of the Boss mob icon in Minecraft Earth style.
    - Added support for the Brush.
    - Added support for the Sniffer and Trader Llama Spawn Eggs.
    - This pack now works on featured servers and many other third-party servers!
    - This pack is now compatible with most packs that utilize glyphs.
    - This pack no longer replaces the vanilla glyph file.
    - This pack now works properly with The Ty-el's UI Pack. (thanks, real_tlgm!)
    - Bonus feature: The game language can now be changed in-game! (thanks, real_tlgm!)
    - Changed some translations to match Java Edition in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
    - Added support for new items from the Beyond The Underground add-on in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
    - This pack now requires Minecraft 1.18.0 or above to function.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    - This pack now works on Realms!
    - The settings screen now works correctly in versions older than 1.19.40. (thanks, real_tlgm!)
    - There is no longer an extra space in the item name of the Polar Bear Spawn Egg.
    - There is no longer an extra space in the item name of the NPC Spawn Egg in Traditional Chinese.
    - The Swift Sneak enchantment is now correctly translated in Simplified Chinese.


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really useful for survival worlds and it dosen't disable achievements. highly recommend
Bro when I am selecting one item in hotbar the detail panel in not showing it is like in sharpness 5 sword it shows the name of je sword and doesn't show the which enchantment it has and the info is being showed in the xp bar please fix It 😭
That is probably because you have another resource pack enabled that modifies the HUD.
TokitaYomi よみ July 18, 2023 at 11:22 am
does this support 1.20 !!!?
For anyone who gets the "failed to upload pack s" error when using this on a realm.

Go into the manifest.json file, and change the UUID numbers.
You can use the UUID generator here:

I used the UUID extension on VS Code to do mine quicker.
If that doesn't work, make sure to put the pack to the top or the highest you can on your pack list. That solved an issue when it uploaded but did not work when in the realm.

These solutions should solve your issue, if not contact the addon creator.
Really useful 👍
can you make it so that the durability count goes down for the weapons armor and tools other than that I think it's perfect as is
Dude, MediaFire is cursed,I can't even log into it,it keeps saying "MediaFire refused to connect" I have a pretty good WIFI
All of them, except spectator and Education mode
The best mod ever ever ever ever i luv u mod nice mod very nice..
Could you please switch to another download channel? The linkvertise requires me to download an extension, but I'm using Android browser.
download dont work :skull:
This addon work using other addons?
Not working in realms in 1.19.50
If you’re a player: that is probably because your realm owner forces you to use the packs enabled on the realm. You’ll probably have to contact the realm owner to help you with this. Normally my pack does work on realms.

If you’re the owner: my pack sometimes cannot be activated on realms for some reason. You can activate my pack in global resources and then join the realm.
does this only work for vanilla items or is the info pulled from the game similar to the "What am i looking at" mod
Considering it only works for 1 addon, it only works for vanilla items.
As of writing, this pack only supports vanilla items and items from the Beyond The Underground add-on. I plan on adding support for more add-ons in the future.
Theres a glitch that breaks a lot of the games UI elements. Please fix.
This bug should now be fixed! Please download the latest update :)
I fixed it, its a UI bug in the settings menu, just delete the json file called, settings_screen.json in the ui folder of the pack. That should fix it, the the creator should use a pre existing file or texture for the settings ui in order to fix this bug and still have the area that tells you how it works.