Published on October 16, 2022 (Updated on October 16, 2022)

Mob Vote 2022 Add-On Concept

Another year, another Minecraft Live. When comes to Minecraft Live, there is a Mob Vote and only there can be one winner. For 2022, We were given Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem! However since it ended with already a winner, Sniffer, I decided to make an Add-On Concept on how they would look like and how they behave.

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Version 1:

3 mobs!

 Sniffer, Rascal, and Tuff Golem from Minecraft Live 2022

Version 1.01:

Fix spelling error for Tuff Golem 


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The new mob vote 2023 is here and here are the mobs mob a:crab crabs spawn in mangrove biomes they can climb trees sideways and when shearing a crab they drop their claw for place and break blocks further away mob b the armadillo armadillo spawn in Savannah biomes they will roll up into a ball if they sense danger when they are breed with carrots they will make a baby and the dad gives the player their scute for wolf armor mob c the penguin penguins have yellow hair and they will spawn in stony shores and ice biomes and ocean monument they are clumsy on land they will go into a cliff and will trip and fall but dont worry they survive fall damage they are great swimmers and they will help your boats go faster by putting them in boats they also give you a op gift by feeding them salmon
Best addon creator of all time!
can you dye the tuff golems cloth?
How do i breed the sniffer and make the baby sniffers grow faster
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your add-ons to Netease My World?
Sup! I found your mod while browsing mcpedl and wanted to ask if you'd like to join my mod team? You seem to be really good at modding and I'd love to have you working on my mod.

We can communicate further via discord.
Ey bro, cómo invoco al tuff golem?
It's through spawn egg

not sure show structure works for it yet
This showed up in “copper golem”
i just noticed that, i will fix it
Wonderful mod 😁