Published on September 23, 2017

Armored Wolf Add-on

This add-on implements armor for the wolves. A wolf can't really decide whether to wear the armor or not since they are always spawned with the armor (assuming you've enabled the add-on). The armor protects them better and this is most noticeable by the fact that they have more health. As a player you're also given a few more uses for the wolf (e.g. riding). 


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Your just making a copy for a mob vote feature for the armadillo
Comment on installe l'add on
I cant give my dog the diamond armor on mcpe, how to do it?
Sneak and right click/press the button to tell them to sit
If you put wolves+ On top for behaviour and armoured wolves for texture packs it looks so cute a little dyed armoured dog that is super big that can’t take fall damage and can swim it’s so op
Danger life nogin July 16, 2019 at 2:29 pm
How do I download the wolf add-on
That's what I want to know
Best add-on for my little doggy
How do I get my dogs to sit once they have this add on?
Hold shift and right click
How do you ride the dog in pocket edition
How do you ride the dogs in pocket edition
How would I do this on Xbox, is it a resource or behavior?
Does anyone know if this still works? And if it's expected to work after the 1.11.0 Bedrock update? I imagine the update wouldn't change anything, but not sure. New to Bedrock mods, used to Java lol