Published on January 01, 2017 (Updated on July 06, 2022)

Mutant Creatures Add-on (1.19+)

Mutant Creatures Add-on adds 21 mutants along with minions and easter eggs in Minecraft Bedrock with incredible powers... If you are looking for an add-on to increase the game difficulty a few notches then this is a great option. This means that the world will be a lot more difficult as each mutant is much stronger than its predecessors. Neither of the mutants gets affected by fall damage or knockbacks.


This add-on is only for MCPEDL”! This add-on is not allowed to be published on other websites or applications without the permission of the creator. If you publish without permission, it will be taken down permanently

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Version 3.2:


Added Mutant Endolotl, A neutral mutant found in The End

Added Mutant Spawning toggle, an option to turn on or off Mutant Spawning in Overworld, Nether, and The End

Added Pocket Mode Add-On

2 new easter eggs


Buffed The Mutant Skeletons with the new Range Spam Attack

Slightly nerfed Mutant Creeper's Attack Speed

Animation Improvements for some Mutants and Minions



Fixed Creeper Egg not being placeable

Fixed a major bug that made most Mutants impossible to kill


Supported Minecraft versions

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A new update should be expected soon! This will patch the mutants being impossible to kill
and more features on the way!

If you have any questions, Visit my discord server!
The mod is great and I adore it and all but there's one issue, the Hulk hammer and the creeper shard is invisible one dropped and once u have it in ur inventory. And it's useless when it in ur hand! So JuJu pls fix the hulk hammer and the creeper shard and add new mutants if u can.
2 Tamed wolf won't breed unless the bigger one (mutant) is feed with food
Version: 1.20.62 | It works perfectly fine, just feel like they need a damage nerf god damn 💀 only thing broken is Hulk Hammer which is expected. Still 10/10 ☝️
Hello, OP (original poster)-
May I have the permission to modify some textures for the mutant axolotl?
It will probably be only for my personal use- but if I decide to share it or review it publicly, I will credit you, and I will not claim it as my own.
If you answer this, thanks!
Hello Jujustyle7, me and my friends played this addon and it's fantastic! I love your addon 💕
But can you please update it For some new content. But so far I love your addon 5⭐
UNIQUENAMEWITHMENKOOL February 13, 2024 at 5:18 am
does it work for 1.20.50?
Add it for wardens it would be a perfect prank for my friends, I made the server so I can mess with them, And they wouldn't know what hit them🤣🤣🤣.
I do hope this mod is still being worked on I really love this one
is it possible to add robber mutants to the mod?
There is no recipe forChemical X.
remake the mutant creeper model but use the same textue
can u also make the mutant snow golem move when you hit it pls it dosent make sense if its heavy and give mutant snow golem less health because so that iron golem can defeat mutant snow golem
I KNOW add a mutant wither and a mutant villager and ravager and mutant evoker and mutant pillager and mutant vindicator and give mutant iron golem 1000 health pls
can u make the mutant creeper and iron golem fight pls i wanna see that also make the mutant creeper light because when I hit it it dosent move back make it do that also make mutant snow golem not do golem attacks only make it do the ice throws
oh yeah I also wanted to tell u that the mutant skeleton in invincible to the mutant iron golem how do i fix that to?