Published on June 26, 2017

Orca Add-on

The orca is the second largest animal (with the Elder Guardian in the top) of the ocean. It's not as dangerous as one would imagine. It's in fact harmless towards players. It's nonetheless a great addition to the game since makes the oceans slightly more interested. However, since it replaces a land mob it will only spawn in the ocean if you make it spawn there. 


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TheMinecraftCockatiel August 31, 2019 at 10:05 am
Orcas are not whales. They are dolphins
Does it spawn in villages because it replaces villagers
Can you make it so that you can train it, it'll follow you, it'll open its mouth, you can feed it, and it'll recognize you? And also it shouldn't die so quick on land. Or as breathe air and can stay on land for about 30 min at least
Otherwise, love it! Never lags.
Why did this not turn out well it looks nothing like in the picture please fix
I think they should replace it with a elder guardian and be able to tame it?
I'd use it bu I live in a village and I use villagers for trading please change this maybe make It a 50% chance to replace the squid......other than that I think that is a nice idea for a mod, minecraft needs more sea creachers
How can I find the texture file for this orca (villager)
Unless for some reason the creator decided to exclude the texture file, you should be able to find it in the .zip. If not, you can use a file editor to rename a .mcpack to a .zip and then unzip it as normal. It would be in the textures-entities-villager folder.
Now I can finally make Seaworld in Minecraft!
Same here I just made one :)
Omg i ca nt believe we got orcas but you guys forgot the fdlippers
Yes a epic whale addon can u plz add blue whales and dolphins also add crabs plz ????????????????????????????????
Good addon but it has to have something to eat like seal replace pig buluga whale cow. Octopus squid humpback whale creeper and garbage replace llama and make garbage attack all sea animals in the addon and not sink Float ????
This Addon is amazing, but which villager does it replace, Librarian, Cartographer, etc
Why not use squids it's better they live in water and why did you use villagers so when I go to a village there will be lot of whales dying and crying for help I hope you update this to replace squids only
Yes you are right
I know. I was flying over a village and saw the villagers all had tales. So I turned the add-on off. I need villagers to trade with. My ocean house needs sea creatures, it would be cool to see them swimming outside the glass. Maybe in the future?
No make sea lion replace pig ?