Published on January 01, 2018 (Updated on January 01, 2018)

-1693237191: Huge Ravine Spawn

Here's a really cool seed which spawns you at the very bottom of a ravine in some burning lava. Make sure to quickly swim for the water or else you'll end up dying quite quickly. This is a huge ravine with lots of visible ores and rare stone blocks. You can use the waterfalls to reach the ground level.

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What version is it? It looks fun, but i tried in 1.14.4 and it didnt work.
This seed only works on Minecraft 1.2.0
Oops I mean it only works on version 1.2
Its very nice. It has a desert temple too. I spawned in lava but i still like it because im in creative. Thanks.
Awesome. No village. But still a ravine with a mineshaft. And theres a desert temple nearby too. Even though i spawned in lava. im in creative. so its fine.
do i put the "-"???????????????????????????
Found nearly 3 villages and the ravine had a mineshaft in it. Great seed! Thanks!
theres no vilige but raivine is great
love this seed, i spawned in the ravine above the lava.. had to jump down and get some dirt to go to the surface. saw some diamonds down there!
This is a great seed! We built a house next to the ravine and we're exploring the ravine. There's some diamonds and emeralds in the ravine. I didn't spawn in lava though, I spawned somewhere else in the ravine.
A very big ravine! We built a house to the edge and went mining in the ravine. We also found several diamonds at the bottom!!
For me I spawned next to the ravine XD. Fell so bad for all you guys
Best seed ever
I didn't spawn on lava