More Biomes Vanilla b+

The More Biomes Vanilla b + is an addition to your game that brings 11 amazing new biomes to complete your world!


Twitter: @GabrielCas29007

Channel: yBrothers

(CRIADOR BRASILEIRO - Brazilian Creator)

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- Several bug fixes.

- Biomes should no longer spawn incorrectly and mixed with the common game biomes.


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Guest-3551991241 May 17, 2020 at 9:30 pm
Dead link
if it only works in 1.12 how are berry bushes there. can i install it for 1.14
Really nice, but it if I use it none of the biomes show and If I use it on experimental mode it crashes. Please help me!
Really cool.
Could you add bogs biome? It’d have alot of brown water, lily pads, and acacia trees.
For some reason, it crashes my game when loading the world with this addon.
This mod is awesome but could use some tweaks. I feel like the biomes are everywhere ,and mobs, ores, and structures don't spawn anywhere on the biomes. Once these issues are resolved, I would gladly use this mod in all my worlds
Can you please add more biomes because this addon is so cool ???
Dovrebbe esser magnifico ma creo un mondo ,entromi e, mi esce da mcpe poi riprovo e la stessa cosa coda potrebbe essere??
add nether and end biomes too please that would be AMAZING
i think he listened about the nether biome
No offense but the biomes are ugly and plain
Omg Is That The Ice Desert So Unique!!!
Hello guys.
I found a seed that has 4 new biomes ni the same area
The seed is -567573265, and then u have to tp yourself to 500 100 300
I never found the biomes and I went about 5000 blocks away from spawn . I put the resource pack and the behavior pack but ....nothing! Am I doing anything wrong??
Enabled Experimental Gameplay?
I can’t find any of the biomes and I went about 5000 blocks
You pre generated it, silly